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Green Flooring—The Benefits of Using Natural Rubber!

I think it’s safe to assume that we all care about the environment—even if it is to varying degrees. While we may not all be prepared to go hug a tree, most of us are still pretty interested in living more sustainable and environmentally conscious lives. For example, we may pay closer attention to our personal use of energy and water, while also making a very conscious effort to recycle. Another way to make an impact is through the use of “green” products and services, such as green transportation (carpooling, riding the bus, or biking), green furniture (reclaimed, reused, and repurposed materials), and even green flooring (like recycled rubber matting). But the beauty of rubber products is that, from the get go—pure rubber is already an environmentally friendly substance! Being that this material is harvested from trees but does not require the cutting down of the tree makes it a highly sustainable material that’s also good for the environment. And although I am sure there is much more that we all wish we could do to become more environmentally sound, sometimes it just comes down to convenience—we don’t all have time or energy to focus on greener living. But rubberized eco-floors are easy to install, maintain, and even replace—thus making them perfectly suited for our busy and often time hectic lives. Using a natural rubber mat is a great way to show support for a responsible industry while also benefitting from a highly functional and durable product.

Here are 5 reasons why green flooring can definitely fit into your life

  • Added Safety
    Regardless of the application, there’s nothing quite as important as safety. With a variety of traction rich surface designs in combination with the high coefficient of friction found in the material, a natural rubber mat can provide an astounding amount of grip in areas where moisture may be present. This added traction and grip is going to help people—whether they’re employees, customers, friends, or family maintain surer footing in abrasive situations, such as in the presence of moisture, snow, and other environmental factors. And because accidents cannot always be prevented, the softer rubber surfacing will provide more support in the event of a fall, especially in comparison to hard concrete, hardwood, linoleum, or tile.
  • Comfort
    The same properties that will protect someone should they fall are the same qualities that make rubberized green flooring such a comfortable option. Due to the material’s natural supple and elastic qualities, this is a flooring option that can add much needed comfort to people who stand or walk upon its surface. This is an especially desirable trait when you are considering flooring options for assembly lines, workstations, or any other place where people are required to stand for prolonged amounts of time while also remaining efficient and effective.
  • Affordability

High quality eco-floors don’t have to be expensive. Whether your utilizing recycled or virgin rubber, this is a material that will prove itself to be much more affordable than other options. Not only will you start off purchasing the product at a more economical rate, but the durability and ease of maintenance will also prove to be areas in which you’ll save money in the long run.

  • Ease of Maintenance

A natural rubber mat is resistant to water—meaning that cleaning will be extremely ease. Also, because of this same

water resistance, a rubberized surface will inhibit the growth of mold and mildew! Cleaning up your elastomer floor will require little else than a broom to remove debris with and a damp cloth or mop for more thorough cleansing. Light commercial detergents can be used to sanitize the flooring, and in outdoor applications you can even use a hose to wash it down. But you will never need more specialized cleaning equipment to maintain these products.

  • Ease of Installation
    As we previously stated, as much as we would all like to take a bigger role in environmental conservation, it’s not always a feasible possibility. Green flooring is a great and easy way for each of us to do our part. The instillation of rubberized eco-floors is a very friendly DIY project, which can also save you money on professional instillation costs. With eco-friendly flooring being available as tiles, runners, and of course mats—instillation is as easy as snapping together, rolling out, and laying down the products. And because of the ease of instillation, removal is equally simple—meaning that specific areas that see more wear
Green Color Interlocking Recycled Rubber Flooring placed on ground & some equipments placed on it
Close Up Blue Eco Safety 2.5 inch Tile in Playground

than others can be individually removed and replaced as opposed to having to remove the whole flooring structure. That’s a great way to reduce the total material you use and the cost!

So there you have it—5 ways that rubberized eco-floors can fit into your life. Whether you’re looking for a safe surfacing option—or a more comfortable floor for your business, rubber is the right choice. From a natural rubber mat to recycled runners—elastomers have a style and option for any need.

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