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Anti Slip Mats-Change Dangerous Wet Domestic Areas into Safe Zones

Household flooring such as tile, vinyl, or hardwood have a lot of great properties that make them popular choices amongst homeowners. The downfall of these surfaces though is how they respond to the introduction of water. The simple installation of rubber anti-slip mats in household areas susceptible to heavy moisture can dramatically improve the safety of these areas. anti-slip mats mats use rubber’s high coefficient of friction to better grip your bare feet or shoes to the ground, regardless of the presence of water. Rubber anti-slip mats mats can even transform the most notorious area of the house into a safe walking area. Slipping and falling on a wet spot of a tile or hardwood surface is not fun at all, as anyone who has gone down before can certainly attest to. Rubber grip mats are incredibly easy to install and cost less than one ride to the emergency room for the stitching up of an abrasion. While we would like to think we are perfect, humans are fallible and these accidents occur more than we would like, so some extra protection around the house can’t hurt.

Nothing is more important than your family or loved ones and seeing them hurt is the last thing a mother or father wants. The prevention of household slip and fall accidents is really as easy as laying down rubber anti slip mats in potentially dangerous areas, so take action and consider safe proofing the following areas with the use of rubber anti-slip flooring.

  • Shower/Bath Tubs
    The most obvious and dangerous of areas in domestic dwellings in regards to slip and fall accidents are showers/bath tubs. Showering involves standing bare foot on what is usually a ceramic bath tub, this combination of water and ceramic plus the addition of various slippery substances such as soap and shampoo is a recipe for disaster. Choosing rubber non-slip bathroom mats with raised texture for gripping is imperative for any shower or bathtub. These rubber mats reduce the likelihood of slipping and falling in the shower which can result in serious injuries.
  • Bathroom Floor

Along the same lines of shower/bath tub protection, the surface just outside of these ceramic danger areas can often be wet and unsafe to step on directly out of the shower. As good as shower curtains are, it is rare to successfully take a shower without spilling out at least some water onto your bathroom floor; utilizing rubber grip mats on a bathroom floor can ensure that your first step out is a safe one. This is especially important for your children’s bathroom floor as we all know they are not the best at completely drying off before exiting the shower.

  • Kitchen Floor
    Kitchen floors often see excess moisture as kids and adults alike spill a drink here and there.  The area just below the kitchen sink is a great spot for a rubber mat to be placed as dishes are done daily and this area receives a lot of foot traffic. Water doesn’t always stay in the kitchen sink and a little extra protection just below this area is a great safeguard for family safety.
Brown Color Water-Resistant Rubber Runner with a person standing on it
Orange kitchen mat underneath a person standing on it with brown shoes

These are just a few areas that could quickly benefit from the addition of rubber anti-slip flooring. While a non-slip bathroom mat is almost standard these days, the use of mats in other historically wet household places should be considered. The safety of other areas such as pool entrances/exits and boats are greatly increased with the use of rubber anti-slip mats as well. Safety should be the primary concern for any family and there is no easier or affordable way to prevent slips and falls than with the simple purchasing and lying down of rubber grip mats, so don’t wait for your first accident and take preventative action now!

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