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Rubberized Playground Surfaces Need Not be Expensive!

Quality rubberized playground surfaces need not be expensive! Although it is an important safety consideration for any home or public playground, you can provide superior protection by means of our DIY rubber playground mats. Our rubber playground mats are easy to install and can provide a safe rubber playground flooring in a jiffy!

While wood chips, sand and rubber mulch can be messy and require a fair amount of maintenance, our rubber playground flooring is available in easy-to-install rubber tiles! Products such as our Eco- Safety tiles are 2 ½ inches thick and have been tested for fall heights up to five feet. Fit these outdoor rubber tiles together and lock them in place with their simple locking pin mechanism to form one safe, continuous playground floor.

For areas that don’t need thick rubber surfaces, such as preschools and smaller play structures, we offer thinner and less expensive materials. These convenient rubber playground mats are available in two thicknesses for versatile playground protection! Each of our rubberized playground surfaces can be rinsed, wiped, or removed for similarly easy cleaning. Because they are made with durable recycled rubber, these tiles are naturally tough and resilient. And since they are easy to clean, they’ll last even longer and provide even greater playground protection year round!

Providing safe rubber playground flooring is important for the safety of your children. Let us help! Call us now at (866) 378-5679, or email your questions and comments to!

Eco safety playground mats placed for play area near swimming pool
Coal Eco Safety tile in playground
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