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Non-Slip Mats – Secure your Staff with the Traction of Rubber

The uses and applications of boats are far reaching and tend to vary depending on the particular activity. Rubber non-slip mats however, traverse this gap by being applicable to any situation in which the boat takes to the sea. The use of a rubber anti slip mat can give captains and crew the peace of mind they need while performing whatever particular venture they choose. The addition of rubber traction to marine floors can help prevent potentially dangerous slips of heavy gear or cargo, while also keeping people from going overboard. Boats these days can travel with the speed and velocity of sports-cars, turning these vessels into water- grazing speeding bullets. This causes concern for anything loaded on a boat as things shifting during travel is never a good recipe for the structural integrity of these items. Rubber non-slip mats serve an important function on stationary or slow moving ships as well due to the inevitable introduction of water on these decks. Rubber as a material is resistant to water and will minimize the chance of slips by maximizing traction between the foot and marine flooring.

Whether recreational or commercial, boating should be a safe and enjoyable activity for all involved. So take the element of surprise and slips out of the equation and transform these three potentially hazardous and dangerous areas into better gripped, secure spots by utilizing the rubber traction of an anti slip mat.

  • Secure the Stairs
    Stairs on a ship are about as common as fishing poles and a steering wheel. Whether stairs down to a lower cabin, up to a wheelhouse, or fold outs for boarding, stairs are prevalent and susceptible to getting wet from crashing waves and high winds that are common while out at sea. Lining stairs with rubber stair treads is imperative to the safety of all crew and passengers and will give you the confidence you need to move about the vessel with the speed and precision necessary to accomplish a given task.
  • Cabins
    Boats consist of numerous cabins below deck for a variety of purposes. The contents of which, especially on commercial fishing boats, are precious pieces of cargo. Damaging these items can be extremely detrimental to the overall success of a fishing boat if said items are important fishing equipment such as nets or poles. Utilizing the grip and traction of a rubber mat will minimize the movement of the contents of a cabin while the cruiser is in motion.
  • All Hands (and Feet) On Deck!
    Decks are the most likely of places on a boat for a slip to occur. Decks receive heavy foot-traffic and are almost always wet as crashing waves and heavy winds constantly blanket this area of marine flooring with moisture. Utilizing a rubber anti-slip mat in areas of the deck that receive the most action is extremely important for the safety of any and all passengers or crew. Safety wise, this is by far the most important space on a ship that could benefit from employing rubber matting and the importance of which should not be overlooked.
Black Color Commercial Entrance Mat, Promotes Safety and Slip-Protection good for outdoor
Black color checkered pattern Economical and Eco-Friendly Rubber Doormat at front door

The application of a rubber anti-slip mat for precarious areas on commercial and private boats is a catalyst in ensuring the safety of all people and precious cargo traveling on the water craft. These mats provide the rubber traction and gripping necessary to help minimize personal injury and damage to precious cargo that is inevitable on these fast moving water traveling vessels. Rubber marine flooring is the cheapest insurance policy a captain or boat owner can purchase for an activity that is inherently dangerous. So put safety first and invest in rubber non-slip mats to ensure the well-being of your crew and cargo for your next boating excursion!

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