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Ribbed Rubber Matting Prevents Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Maybe you live in an area that sees a lot of snow or rainfall—or maybe you live in a place that sees very little of either. Maybe your guests or patrons forget that water and snow can be a slip hazard, especially if they don’t see much of either throughout the year! If you’re concerned with safety, there are quite a number of available styles when it comes to rubber flooring, which offer amazing safety qualities. From the classically inspired diamond plated design to the brightly colored interlocking “puzzle-lock” style. All of which offer the remarkable benefits of utilizing rubber surfacing, such as durability, safety, ease of maintenance, and ease of installation. However, one particular style that is worth independent honorary mention is rubber ribbed matting. With indented grooves running all along the width of this product, ribbed rubber provides dual functionality. Not only does it serve as slip-resistant textured surface, but also as a scraper for the soles of shoes, making sure to keep out all of mother nature’s elements, along with any man-made-muck. And if you happen to be looking for something to specifically diminish the risk of slip and fall accidents, then look no further! Here are 3 ways that a ribbed surface can greatly diminish these dangerous situations:

  1. Water-Resistant
  2. One huge advantage that ribbed rubber flooring products provide is a moisture resistant surface. However, much more than other mats, a ribbed design will repel water rather than soaking it up or letting it pool upon its surface. Catching excessive moisture in its deep grooves, the design of this mat will channel water away and off to the sides, and, more importantly, keep it away from going underfoot. And just remember that a wet surface isn’t the sole product of rain or melted snow, any number of situations can result in a wet sidewalk, entrance, or hallway. This will provide people with a dry place to stand, especially in unexpected wet conditions, which is a sure way to avoid slipping accidents.

2. Non-Slip
Ribbed matting provides exceptional slip-resistance due to its corrugated surface texture, which can utilize both fine and wide (or both) ribs to increase grip underfoot. This added textured can help stabilize anyone who happens to be standing on the mat. Regardless of the weather, any place of business or home can benefit from having a good traction-providing floor for patrons or guests.

3. Keeping the Elements Out
Once again, due to the ingenuity of the design, ribbed rubber has dual functionality as previously stated. Not only will it prevent falls by providing people with a water-resistant non-slip surface on which to stand, but also by acting as a foot scraper. The ribbed design is often utilized in heavy

foot-traffic areas, usually in front of the entrances to buildings. You definitely want to protect people from the outside elements, but those same elements can easily be brought inside on the soles of people’s shoes. Any moisture, mud, or snow that happens to get brought inside is going to pose a huge slip risk. By acting as a foot scraper, these unnecessary dangers can be left outside the doors of your building.

While dry, wet or snowy conditions can often prove to be a huge headache for home, business, or any sort of building owner or manager, the use of this design will truly offer you peace of mind. Ribbed matting delivers traction in all situations, no matter the degree or severity.

Dark Grey Block Grip flooring under Paint cans
Blue color PVC Drainage Mat placed on floor

With excellent non-slip properties, and natural and implemented water-resistance qualities, this particular style was designed with safety in mind. Consequently, being made from a highly durable material also has its advantages: once it is applied it will do its job with very little maintenance. In much the same way that a fire extinguisher or stair rails are a constant fixture of safety in any building, so too can a ribbed rubber surface meld seamlessly into any environment.

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