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Are Rubber Exercise Mats a Good Flooring For a Gym?

So you’re thinking about adding gym to your home? That’s great—there’s no nobler pursuit than that of self-realization, whether it is mental, spiritual, and definitely physical. But as you’re putting together all the different aspects of your gym don’t overlook its very foundation. Believe it or not, your gym floor is one of the most important aspects of your whole workout routine. Whether you’re lifting weights, running on a treadmill, or doing jumping jacks—you absolutely want to make sure you have a floor that’s going to support all of your endeavors. Specialized rubber exercise mats are designed to reduce exercise and equipment vibration, protect floors from damage, and act as a cushioned mat for any workout. And with a wide variety of products that can be as specific as a gym equipment mat, or as multi-purposed as interlocking tiles, we are sure that rubber can work for you! Rubber flooring are the premier flooring for a gym.

So why should you choose a rubber product for your flooring needs? Here are five reasons why!

  1. Selection—A Style for Any Style!
    As previously stated rubber mats are available in a variety of styles, shapes, thicknesses, and even colors. So it doesn’t matter if your home gym is in a large space such as your basement, or if it’s taking up a smaller area like a guest bedroom. Any workout space can be given a floor worthy of an Olympic gymnasium!  And the aesthetics of flooring for a gym will exude the personality of the designer.
  1. Safety Concerns
    Exercise should always be done upon a surface that offers the adequate amount of support, especially if you’ll be doing anything that involves a lot of movement—like aerobics. Rubber exercise mats are supple and forgiving, appropriately absorbing a lot of shock and reducing the impact of exercise on the body. This kind of flooring will protect you, while providing a clean and level surface on which exercise can be safely executed. These mats are resilient enough to offer a soft surface without being too cushy or unstable, making them a perfect answer for any safety concerns.

3.   Floor(ing) Protection

When exercise is carried out on a machine, a gym equipment mat serves a protective purpose. Apart from shielding you, a good rubber mat will also protect your gym floor from damage. Workout equipment is usually heavy and burdensome, and can easily damage, and can cause wear to existing floor surfaces—ever heard of a “walking-treadmill?” This is happens when a treadmill move across the floor due to the vibrations of being run upon. Now imagine that hard plastic bottom scrapping against your nice hardwood or tile floors! Rubber flooring is functional and can endure the brunt

of this weight and movement. There are a lot of exercise machines available, which can be used in home or commercial settings. Therefore, it is always best to make sure that the floors in your gym are suitable for the type of fitness equipment you are going to place on them.

4.   Noise Reduction

With exercise machines being a means to get fit, lose weight, and become healthier, the last thing you want is for your treadmill to become a nuisance. A rubber exercise mat will serve to reduce impact on flooring and therefore dampen the noise. Since rubber is elastic, it can absorb lots of shock from dropped components and parts. This helps in minimizing sound in heavy workout areas.

Green Color Interlocking Recycled Rubber Flooring placed on ground & some equipments placed on it
Black in color DIY Comfort Floor Made of Natural and Reclaimed Rubbers exercise equipments kept

5.   Affordability

Lastly, let’s not forget about affordability! Many rubber products are made from reclaimed and repurposed rubber, commonly from automobile tires. Not only does this make rubber matting incredibly strong and durable—think of all the things that tires are designed to stand up—but it also makes this product very affordable and environmentally friendly. This is definitely the sort of protection you want for your gym floor, and the material you want in your gym equipment mat!

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