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No Room for a Gym in your House? Go Outside with Rubber Fitness Mats.

Really craving that home gym but can’t seem to find any space in the house? Outdoor rubber fitness mats could be the answer to your problems. With most adults juggling 40 hour work weeks and kids, it is no wonder that it is difficult to find time to make it to the gym. Add to that the never-ending price hikes of gym memberships and the overcrowding that can leave you waiting for hours on end just to use a machine. A home gym is a sensible and worthwhile venture for most adults looking to do at least some sort of exercise without dealing with having to drive to the gym, pay outrageous fees, and all the other nonsense that comes along with athletic clubs. So you’ve decided on putting together your own home gym but the wife won’t let you ruin the interior design of the house, or you simply don’t have enough space. Home gym floor made of rubber can answer all of these issues. Rubber outdoor gym flooring make your dream of constructing of your own personal ‘Muscle Beach’ a reality. Just simply pick the rubber gym floor tiles that appeal to you and lay them down as a buffer between your outdoor surface and your weights.

Here are the 4 main reasons rubber surfaces are the best choice for outdoor home gym floors.

  1. Ease of Installation
    Laying down your brand new outdoor flooring system is easier than your first push-up of the day. The setup of rubber gym floor tiles is a simple do it yourself project that is as easy as finding some open space and laying down the tiles. Once this is done just load your weights or whatever equipment you plan on using right on top of the outdoor gym flooring.

2. These Mats are Tough

Rubber fitness mats are made from recycled tire parts that are designed to withstand the toughest of conditions while traveling 70,000 plus miles through dirt, snow, sleet, rain, etc. while on a car. These mats can withstand the toughest of conditions, which make them a perfect surface for an outdoor exercise area. Should one of the rubber gym floor tiles wear, the entire system does not need to be replaced and you can cost-effectively replace the worn tile.

3. Comfort for your Workout

Because these mats are made of recycled rubber, they keep your feet well cushioned and feeling good. A rubber mat’s anti-fatigue qualities make it a perfect choice for outdoor home gym floors.

4. Protect your Current Surface

Whatever your current surface may be, outdoor gym flooring will offer you peace of mind as you can know that your subfloor will be protected from heavy weights. Lifting often involves dropping, and surfaces such as concrete, and not to mention your weights will incur some significant damage without proper rubber fitness mats in place.

Elephant bark flooring underneath rows of dumbbells of various weights
Shark tooth mat black in color perfect for sports equipments

It really is that simple to transform your cold cement or concrete floors into a usable, soft, cushioned exercise area. Make your home gym a reality regardless of space inside your house by using rubber surfacing to transform any area into a workout zone. So cut the membership, invest in some rubber tiles, and start tanning while you workout in the sun at your own ‘Muscle Beach.’

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