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Rooftop Mats Made to Last Throughout the Seasons

At Floor Mat Company, we offer rooftop mats that are durable, comfortable, and easy to install. When you are looking for good roof flooring ideas, consider rubber as your main material. Our rubber roof mats provide excellent durability and easy installation!

Unlike other materials that may degrade from prolonged UV exposure, Floor Mat Company’s rooftop mats are made to last. Made with durable recycled rubber, our mats contain high levels of EPDM, giving them excellent resistance to UV rays, rain, snow, and moisture! Some of our rooftop runners are even made with recycled rubber tiles, making them resilient and ideal for rooftop applications. Use our colorful rubber runners to floor entire rooftop decks or as a temporary non-slip surface during routine roof maintenance.

Our rubber rooftop mats are also easy to install! Our rubber floor mats can simply be laid out or fitted together in your desired location, while our rubber rolls are easy to unroll and keep in place with their textured finishes. If your rooftop application needs a permanent adhesive, these mats can just as easily be glued down. Save money on professional rooftop installation by investing in easy-to-use rubber roof tiles from!

Our rubber rooftop mats are a stylish and affordable rooftop matting option! If you have questions, concerns, or sample requests, feel free to contact our live product specialists ever Monday through Friday, between 6 AM and 5 PM Pacific Standard Time. Call us now at (866) 378-5679!

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