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Indoor Playground Rubber—Security, Affordability, and Convenience

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that, “children and adolescents should do 60 minutes (1 hour) or more of physical activity each day.” And while that sounds like a manageable amount of time—sometimes our days just get busy, or the weather gets ugly, or we’re not feeling all that great. For whatever reason, we may not always be able to take our little ones out to the park, for a walk, or even chase after them in our living rooms. But you can turn your empty basement or guest room into an affordable indoor play area that your kids can use to burn off some of that excess energy. Even if you’re munchkin does get his or her one hour of exercise, more is always better, especially when exercise has so many healthy benefits! Colorful playground rubber can help you get your project off the ground—literally. Soft indoor playground flooring will definitely help set a playful mood for your kiddo’s personal recreational area, while doubling as reliable and durable safety surfacing.  And with everything from rubber play matting to safety floor tiles, all made from a variety of materials, in a number of sizes, and colors, there is a style to fit every space and budget.

Check out these 3 reasons why safety surfacing is a great choice for your indoor playground.

  • Provides Safety
    First and foremost, consider safety. In outdoor play areas you have to worry about hard and unforgiving asphalt or concrete, but just because you move your playground indoors doesn’t mean you can stop worrying. Indoor surfaces can be just as harsh! Hard wooden floors, linoleum, tile, and even carpet all carry a certain amount of risk. A hard surface is unforgiving, and with carpet you have to worry about carpet-burn, which is painful and uncomfortable while it heals. Using a soft indoor playground surface will provide your little ones with a specialized floor upon which to jump on, fall on, and roll around on. This can be especially true of infants who are learning to crawl and are therefore spending quite a bit of time on their little hands and knees. Rubber play matting can help keep their baby soft skin—baby soft!
  • It’s Cost-Effective
    Playground rubber surfacing is very affordable. Whether the flooring is being used in indoor or outdoor applications, we often employ recycled and reclaimed materials in the production of safety floor tiles and matting. The main material source of these recycled products is automobile tires. The use of tires is a true testament to the durability of this material, especially when you consider all the things that tires are designed to withstand, such as excessive heat from the sun and from hot asphalt, rain, and snow. And while durability can definitely help you in the long run when it

comes to cost, the true savings come during the initial purchase. Because many of these products are made from recycled materials, the savings of not having to use raw and virgin materials are passed down to the customers. So we’re not just being eco-friendly, we’re also being economically-friendly too!

  • Convenient Installation
    So once you decide to build this indoor play area for your children—things seem to just naturally fall into place. There are lots of different choices when it comes to the actual playground equipment, most of which come in giant boxes that you’ll get to install. With instructions ranging from Chinese to French, it’s always a bit tough to get things looking exactly the way they look on the front of the box, but we know you’ll figure it out—eventually. The installation of your safety surfacing doesn’t have to be nearly as hard as this, and can in fact be a fun and even kid-friendly DIY project! So before your munchkins start rolling around their rubber play matting; maybe you can get them to help you snap some safety floor tiles together!
Playground with black tile outdoors
Green Color Interlocking Recycled Rubber Flooring placed on ground &a woman is sitting on it

Here’s a breakdown of how to install some tiles:

  • Start your indoor playground rubber flooring at the edge of the room.
  • Fit the pieces of the safety floor tiles together like a puzzle. This is where the kiddos can definitely help!
  • If need be, trim the edges of the flooring, or mark and cut them with a utility knife. Make sure you keep the kids away from this step.
  • Install the surfacing across the room. Again—this is where the kids get to become DIY helpers.
  • Lay the rubber tile on the floor. There is no adhesive necessary. If some of your tiles move when playground equipment is installed, it’s ok! They will settle if given a little time.

There you have it! Our three main reasons why we think you should employ soft indoor playground flooring in any and all enclosed play areas. And don’t forget, while durability, affordability, and convenience are all great benefits to have—safety should always be at the forefront! Playground rubber surfacing will help keep your kids safe from injuries, especially due to falls. Because of rubbers naturally high coefficient for friction and the often raised design of its surface, which both offer anti-slip and traction qualities, there is no better suited product for safety applications!

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