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Building a Kennel? Install an Affordable DIY Rubber Mat!

Living with a pet (or pets) these days is about as common as seeing a computer or television in residential homes. These roommates come in all shapes and sizes and often have a daily routine of making a mess in your house. For most pets this usually leads to the necessary building of a kennel, either indoors or outdoors, that acts as a home for the pet. Humans have had pets as sidekicks dating back thousands of years since the first domestication of the wolf, this relationship has always involved a level of caring that flows both from human to pet as well as pet to human. Humans want the absolute best for their animals, whether that is a toy, a collar, or their kennel. A kennel is an essential part of your pet’s life and choosing the correct flooring surface for that kennel is

essential to the overall well being of your pet. If you are looking for an easy to clean surface that is both warm and comfortable for your pet, installing rubber flooring systems is a must. Installing rubber pet mats are an easy, do it yourself project for any pet owner that involves no outside contracting or labor costs. For both indoor and outside kennels, simply laying down your rubber floor pads over your current surface, whether concrete, carpet, tile, or hardwood is sufficient.

Choosing a rubber mat will make life a lot easier for both pets and pet owners. Not convinced yet? Below are the four main reasons why rubber flooring systems are a must for any pet’s kennel.

1. Stop Scrubbing Those Carpets!

Even the best trained indoor pets tend to have “accidents” from time to time, this is a given, and if there is one thing I hate as a pet owner, it’s attempting to clean up hair or spots from a carpet. Rubber floor pads make clean up a much easier task, as the days of scrubbing a carpet for hours are gone. Simply mop up accidents or use a broom for all that hair and your rubber pet mats are as good as new.

Using a rubber mat for outdoor use is even easier as you can simply stand from a distance and spray away built up dirt and grime with a hose.

2. Animals Will Love the Added Comfort!

Tile, hardwood, and concrete are tough, cold surfaces that I can’t imagine being too comfortable to sleep or walk around on all day. A rubber mat will insulate your floors offering added warmth for your pet in both outdoor and indoor kennels. Rubber flooring systems are available in thicknesses up to an inch giving an added comfort level that your pet will surely appreciate.

3. Durability You Can Trust.

Many rubber floor pads are made from recycled tire parts that have braved tens of thousands of miles in all sorts of extreme weather conditions. This gives the durability you need for a long lasting outdoor kennel floor, no matter where you live and how inclement the weather is.

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4. Your Kennel doesn’t have to be the House Eyesore.

When you think of a kennel, you probably think of the messiest corner of the house or yard where your pet just terrorizes and has his toys thrown about. Rubber pet mats can easily bring a clean stylistic, change to your pet’s territory. A rubber mat can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors that can all add to the existing décor of a room or add some personality to a bland concrete backyard.

Easy clean up and added comfort in the form of a durable aesthetically pleasing floor may seem too good to be true, but that is exactly what you and your pet will receive with the simple installation of a rubber mat for your pet’s kennel floor. So stop wasting valuable time and effort trying to clean those carpets and make it easy on your pet and yourself with rubber pet mats today!

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