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Deck Flooring—Rubber Offers Protection, Durability, and Lots More!

Decks are a lot of fun! But maintaining your deck in good conditions can be quite an ordeal. Rubber deck flooring is a great idea if you want to change the cold exterior surface to something that is warmer, more comfortable, durable, and easier to care for. More often than not, decks tend to be made out of wood, and this can be a pretty needy material, especially in more abrasive weather situations. Adding rubber decking can help you protect the original sub-flooring, from rain, snow, and even harsh sunlight! Rubber is a material that is perfectly suited for outside floor covering because it can stand up to harsh environments. And with a variety of styles, you can definitely find something that fits your needs from a functional as well as aesthetic perspective. Rubber deck coating can come in long rolls (which can be cut to custom sizes) or as outdoor floor tiles, and of course—individual mats.

If you want to protect the longevity of your original deck flooring, then consider utilizing some rubber surfacing in order to protect the structure from both natural as well as man-made damage. Here are 5 reasons why you should utilize rubber deck coating on your deck.

  • Safety
    Safety should always be one of your top priorities, especially in your home. If you and your family spend a lot of time on the deck, hosting guests, having BBQ’s or just sunbathing, then using rubber decking is definitely a good option. An outside floor covering that is made out of rubber will often have added anti-slip features, such as a raised traction-rich design. This will help keep you, your family, and your guests standing on their own two feet.
  • Protection from the Elements
    Rubber has a natural resistance to water, which can definitely come in handy in rainy and snowy environments. Wood tends to soak up water, unless you consistently keep up with waterproofing your deck! Adding rubber decking can help you control the amount of moisture that reaches your sub surfacing. Also, direct sunlight can be corrosive and can dull the color of your wood stain, which is yet another reason that covering your deck can be a good idea!
  • Protection from …. You!

So say you’re lighting up the grill, you have your tongs, a heavy metal spatula, and a nice big plate ready and waiting for those perfectly cooked steaks. Dropping something like a knife, or the spatula, is bad enough (and dangerous)—but there’s also the possibility of damaging your deck. The same could be said if you’re handling some heavier equipment, or moving bigger things around like furniture. If someone pulls a chair without picking it up, the feet are going to get dragged across your beautiful wood finish! Having a rubber deck coating can protect against these sorts of accidents and thoughtless mistakes!

  • Ease of Maintenance
    Rubber surfacing is very easy to maintain, requiring very little specific attention. Outdoor floor tiles, mats, and sheets, can be cleaned with most cleaning agents. But really, just a good sweep of the broom is enough to keep dirt and debris off. And should your rubber flooring ever need a more thorough cleaning then it can be sprayed down with the hose.
  • Durability
    Rubber is an exceptionally durable and long-lasting material. Because outdoor rubber flooring is often made from reclaimed and recycled tires, we can better understand what makes these products so tough. Vehicle tires are manufactured to endure the sun’s rays, ozone, excessive moisture, and a number of other abrasive environments and situations so they will deliver when it comes time to protect your deck.
Close Up Blue Eco Safety 2.5 inch Tile in Playground
Person using black zcycle tile on floor for exercise
  • Ease of Installation
    Decks tend to be a nice commodity, but a costly one. The last thing you want is the added costs of having to install brand new deck flooring—worse yet if it’s due to repairs after the original flooring is ruined. Putting down rubber decking is a very easy DIY project, which will save you a lot on installation costs. Not to mention, many outside floor covering options are made from recycled materials—which means savings get passed down to the consumer. But it’s the ease of installation that makes this such a doable project, with many options needing only to be laid out and allowed to settle under their own weight, or having outdoor floor tiles that just need to be snapped into place.

So, as you can see, there’s no reason to allow your deck to continue to go unprotected!

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