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Daycare Playground Surfaces Made of Rubber Offer Safety and Comfort

Rubber daycare playground flooring offers a safe, comfortable surface for those times when you want your kids to be most protected. At Floor Mat Company, we know that children spend a lot of time playing outside. Some playground surfaces, such as concrete or asphalt blacktop, can be harsh and unforgiving! Our rubber playground surfacing is a safe, cost effective alternative to asphalt that will prevent serious injury and may even outlast your daycare playground equipment.

Floor Mat Company’s recycled rubber playground surface is a soft, elastic floor with excellent outdoor life. Our rubber floor mats are made with quality raw materials, such as recycled rubber tires. These reconstituted rubber materials, like vehicle tires, are eco-friendly, all weather and durable! As a result, our rubber playground flooring has excellent wear resistance and product stability, even in the harshest weather conditions. You can use these outdoor rubber tiles for any playground application without having to worry about costly maintenance or replacement costs.

And at, we offer rubber tiles for different outdoor playground needs. Our thicker tiles provide maximum fall protection, while our thinner tiles are easier to install and provide great cushion. Our Eco-Safety playground tiles, for example, have been rated for safety at five-foot fall heights by an independent lab!

If you need help choosing the right daycare playground matting, let us help! Our live customer service agents are available every Monday through Friday, between 6 AM and 5 PM Pacific Standard Time. Call us today at (866) 378-5679!

Coal Eco Safety tile in playground
Red Color Interlocking Recycled Rubber Flooring placed on ground &a woman is exercising on it near swimming pool
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