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Hard Rubber—Can it be Used as Heavy Duty Flooring for Construction?

Construction sites are industrious little self-contained worlds where diligent work is quick to be seen in the form of erected walls and fresh coats of paint. They are unfinished areas that present a wide range of dangerous situations, while also being the physical representation of what’s to come—prosperity and architectural beauty. However, because they are in a constant state of being incomplete, until of course they are completed, this is an environment that requires quite a bit of extra care and attention. Construction sites may need runners to guide traffic away from unsecure floors and scraper mats which employees can use to wipe debris off their feet in order to maintain a clean jobsite. Whatever the case, we’re certain hard rubber is the perfect solution to all of your temporary flooring needs. A strategically placed equipment mat can protect expensive gear from movement, vibrations, and shaking—whether from its own operation or from external forces. But floor protection mats aren’t just for safeguarding subsurface. Heavy-duty flooring is made with the specific and unique purpose of not only being durable and easy to install, but also to protect construction workers, newly installed job site flooring, construction equipment, and most everything else tied within the jobsite.

Here are 6 reasons that make this a great product to use for construction flooring.

  • Strength

Hard rubber is a dense material that will stand up to the abrasive environment of any construction site. Since rubber surfacing is very resilient, large or sharp parts of building materials, tools, or equipment are unlikely to harm it—much less reach the surface below. Floor protection mats are often made from recycled and reclaimed tires, which is a true testament to this product’s durability. For example, consider that automobile tires are specifically designed to withstand very harsh environments, such as constant exposure to sunlight, excessive moisture, snow, and uneven rough surfaces.

  • Easy Upkeep

Heavy duty flooring will catch mud, rain, gravel and any other common construction by-products that might be tracked into the area. Also, due to rubber’s natural water resistance, cleanup will be incredibly easy. A broom is all that’s required to brush off debris, while a damp cloth or mop can be used for a more thorough cleaning. And because construction applications tend to be outdoor applications, you could even use a hose to wash your rubberized surfacing.

  • Safeguard Expensive Tools and Equipment

Construction equipment is expensive and therefore should be protected in order to avoid costly repair and replacement costs!

Things like air compressors, generators, and pumps are all incredibly useful machines—but only if they’re in good working condition. An equipment mat is a great way to protect this sort of gear! These are thick, dense, and durable mats that are specifically designed to stand up to the weight and vibration of these machines, effectively protecting them from banging against hard surfaces.

  • Floor Protection

A rubber surface will protect newly installed floors from damage by creating a defensive barrier against dirt, paint, glass, or anything else that could damage it. Since jobsites tend to be disorganized (such is the price of creation!), there are lots of loose materials that could do some pretty bad damage brand new floors. This includes protection from scuff marks or scraped areas on the newly fitted floors—thus providing protection to construction equipment as well as client’s investments.

  • Safety

Apart from keeping the subsurface undamaged, heavy duty flooring will also provide a clean and dry area for employees to work on. This is carries more value than just aesthetics—although a neat and professional appearance is always good for a business! The most important aspect of keeping floors clean, dry, and uncluttered is because it can reduce the possibilities of serious accidents.

Black in color Indoor/Outdoor Slip-Resistant Rubber Floor Runners on outdoor floor
Shark tooth mat black in color perfect for heavy duty equipments
  • Easy Installation and Removal

Floor protection mats are very easy to install. Whether you’re using a single equipment mat or lots of rubberized tiles—this is a product that lends itself to be a very convenient and easy DIY project. Due to how easy these flooring options are to set up, this could potentially save you a lot of money on professional installations.

So as you can see hard rubber is the perfect material to use for temporary construction surfacing! This is a product with a number of advantages that will all benefit your construction zone.

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