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Custom Floor Mats—Van Flooring that’s Easy to Install and Clean

Vans are very convenient vehicles. They have many of the same carrying qualities of a truck-bed, while providing a covered enclosure that can protect expensive and frail materials, tools, or objects. A van can also have seats installed in its interior, effectively converting it into a transportation vehicle that can carry anywhere from 8 to 15 people. So regardless of the use of the van, this is definitely a vehicle that is worth protecting in order to prolong its longevity, both mechanically as well as functionally (by functionality I mean its interior applications). Utilizing custom floor mats in the interior of your van can help you safeguard its original flooring from messes, especially if your van is used to transport people or animals. For example, if you have a business that rents out vans, you can be pretty certain that customers won’t always treat your vehicle with as much care as if it were their own. A portable floor within the van can facilitate clean up after it is used, thanks to easy removal and installation. Rubber truck mats can also be used in the open interior of a cargo van, ensuring that any objects that are being transported won’t be damaged and won’t cause damage to the van’s surface.

If you’re exploring flooring solutions for you’re a single automobile or if you have a fleet of vehicles, then check out these 5 reasons why we recommend using rubber mats for vans.

  • Affordable and Resilient

Rubber matting rolls are often available in custom lengths, and by buying the exact length you need you will minimize waste, and lessen the cost of the product! Also, more often than not, a portable floor will employ the use of recycled and reclaimed tires. The use of recycled material greatly reduces the cost of production, since raw and virgin materials are not utilized. These are savings that get passed down directly to the consumers. Also, because of the resilience of this recycled material, rubber flooring is well suited for abrasive applications. Consider that tires are designed to withstand a wide range of extreme environments, such as constant exposure to corrosive sunlight, excessive moisture during rain, and the cold of ice and snow.

  • Protection to Sub-Surfacing

Rubber truck mats are designed to sit in the bed of a truck and to protect the original surfacing from the scratches and possible dents that could result from hauling things. These same advantages can easily be applied to the interior of a cargo van! By laying out a rubberized surface, you’ll be guarding against the hard edges of tool boxes, heavy machinery, and other materials and objects that you may be carrying.

  • Cargo Protection

Within that same scope of use, rubber mats for vans can also protect objects that are being transported from the vibrations, bumps, and shifts that are often encountered during a drive.

The sub-surface of your van, if it’s lacking a carpeting layer, will always be hard metal. Rubber, which is supple and elastic, will offer objects a more secure surface while possibly helping to keep things in place thanks to the materials natural coefficient of friction, which will add grip!

  • Easy to Maintain

The use of custom floor mats is especially well suited for a business that rents out vans or any other automobile. While the use of mats can definitely be applied on a much smaller scale (which we also recommend) and for a variety of applications, we can easily imagine how having a portable floor inside of a van would greatly facilitate cleaning after each time it’s rented out. When someone rents a vehicle, they expect that vehicle to be handed over to them in excellent condition both in and out. Rubber matting rolls can produce a near seamless surface that will prevent moisture and dirt from reaching your subfloor. And because of rubbers natural resistance to water, this material will be easy to clean! The mats can be brushed off with a broom or pulled out and shaken off! If more thorough cleaning is required a damp cloth or mop is more than enough to remove messes from its surface. Cleanliness will promote a more professional appearance while also helping to keep loads clean while they travel within cargo vans.

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  • Easy to Install

Rubberized flooring products are very easy to install. Whether you’re employing rubber matting rolls down the length of seating aisles, or if you need longer rubber truck mats to cover the wide open space of a cargo van, elastomer flooring is the right option. Specially sized rubber mats for vans, or any other kind of mat, require little more installation than being appropriately set down and allowed to settle under their own weight. If you ever need a more permanent fixture, double sided adhesives are available.

Regardless of the use of your van—whether its transporting people, goods, animals, or anything else, flooring in a van can quickly be worn out. Switching to rubberized custom floor mats is a good way to add durability without sacrificing aesthetics.

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