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Anti-Fatigue Mats—the Secret to Increased Retail Efficiency!

The secret to increased efficiency in the retail industry is quite simple: invest in anti-fatigue mats to reduce distress and discomfort! Alright—alright, there are probably a lot of secrets that can all help increase the efficiency of workers in a retail setting, such as incentive programs, productive and challenging environments, and feeling appreciated—just to name a few. Nevertheless, the value of comfort should not be overlooked, especially when you consider how important a friendly disposition is within the retail industry! Employees have to be pleasant and helpful with customers, and that is a lot easier to do when you’re not suffering from aches and pains.

The significance of utilizing an ergonomic mat in the work place can best be understood when we look at the way the body functions. According to, while standing provides more benefits for your health and back, “standing [also] uses about 20% more energy than sitting…” And it makes perfect sense that standing should require so much more energy when you consider that your body is opposing gravity rather than in constant contact with a chair that does all of the work for you. For employees that are required to stand throughout their shift, rubber padding offers a supple and elastic surface upon which to stand that will provide more support and give under their weight. But the use of ergonomic flooring offers a lot more than just comfort—rubberized surfaces are durable and resilient, while being easy to maintain, and easy to install.

Check out these 4 reasons why we think rubberized flooring can make your business environment better and more effective:

Ergonomic Flooring
An ergonomic mat can increase workplace efficiency by naturally reducing employees’ stress and physical fatigue. Available as mats, runners, and interlocking tiles, rubber padding is shock-absorbent and designed to reduce strain on back, legs, and joints, thereby reducing an employee’s focus on discomfort. Concrete, hardwood, linoleum, or any other hard surfacing can quickly cause sore feet and aching joints; this discomfort will directly translate into the way your employee carries him or herself.

It takes a very special kind of person to be a retail employee, namely someone who is always approachable, obliging, and who will promote and represent your business in a favorable way that can and will inspire customers to come back again and again. Ensuring the comfort of employees won’t just send them a clear message of your appreciation for the work they do, but it can also help them to perform their tasks more efficiently.

  • Exceptional Durability

A big part of efficiency is making sure that the tools we utilize are not only useful but that they are also functional—and better yet, if they are functional for a good amount of time and under a wide variety of applications. Many anti-fatigue mats are made from reclaimed and recycled automobile tires, which is a true testament to this product’s resilience and durability. Car tires are designed to be tough, especially when you consider the harsh environments that they are expected to endure and function in, such as direct and constant corrosive sunlight, excessively wet conditions, rough roads, and snow. This is a product that will stand up the heavy foot traffic of a retail store or restaurant, constant weight, and even under heavy machinery and furniture.

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  • Easy to Maintain

Appearance is always an important aspect of the retail industry, whether it’s a high fashion boutique or a fast-food commercial chain. Cleanliness is not only a reflection of the atmosphere, but of the business as a whole. Increased productivity can take on many shapes and forms, such as effectiveness in cleaning operations. Surfaces that employ rubber padding are easy to maintain, which can in the long run cut cleaning time and costs.  Requiring little else than a broom to sweep off debris, this flooring will rarely need specialized attention. If a more thorough cleaning is required, a wet cloth or mop is more than enough to remove dirt and grime.

  • Easy to Install

Once you decide to use anti-fatigue mats, you’ll be happy to learn that installation is very simple! The set-up of your new ergonomic flooring does not have to become some large operation that affects the normal running of your business. With little technical knowledge required, your surfacing is a very friendly DIY project. Available as mats, runners, or interlocking tiles, your rubberized surfacing can be laid out, rolled out, or simply snapped into place like puzzle pieces. And should you desire or need a more permanent fixture, double-sided adhesives are available.

Cashiers, retail customer’s service staff, and food workers are all vital parts of the retail industry; they facilitate the purchasing and consumption of goods. A strategically placed ergonomic mat can do wonders to improve their work environment, which can in turn greatly improve their effectiveness.

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