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Custom Cut Matting—A Wide Ranging Flooring

If you need surfacing that is tough enough to handle heavy-duty applications while retaining its cushion and elasticity, then rolled rubber mats are the ideal solution! These durable flooring options are sturdy and comfortable, and will provide great insulation against hard concrete or tile surfaces. This can be especially important in workstation areas where employees are required to stand for long hours. The supple and elastic surface of rubber floor runners can provide much needed comfort and support, which could lead to heightened efficacy and even vigilance against common work place accidents.

making them perfectly suited to be used as temporary floor coverings. And because of the use of recycled and synthetic rubbers, these flooring options are even tough enough to stand up against the abrasive conditions of outdoor applications. From indoor to outdoor corridors, hallways, pathways, and nearly everything in between—custom cut matting can be used to add slip resistance, fatigue resistance, and even a professional appearance to any location.

Whether you need specialized flooring for residential or industrial applications we’re certain that rubber floor runners are a great option. Here are 5 reasons why we think this method of flooring is perfectly applicable for nearly any situation.


• Slip Resistance
Regardless of whether you’re utilizing these rolled rubber mats inside or outside, slip and fall accidents are always a risk worth guarding against. Just a few drops of water can make nearly any floor, with the exception of carpet, a slippery surface. According to Daniel Musser from Workplace Safety and Health: Falls, “…marble floors contributed to 600 [falls] in Minnesota in which workers missed one or more days from work in both 2008 and 2009.” This is of course just a small sample of all falls that happen within American workplaces, but it’s easy to see how falls can easily grow more dangerous and more prevalent in construction environments and other riskier areas (unfortunately some falls even result in

fatalities). Using these runners as temporary floor coverings is also a great way to cover your bases during wet seasons, when moisture and mud may become harder to combat. Due to rubber’s natural resistance of water it makes for a perfect slip resistant surface.

• Fatigue Resistance
Sometimes the only real way to avoid slip and fall accidents is to expect people to be vigilant of their surroundings. This however isn’t always the case—especially if people have been on their feet all day working, walking, or standing on top of a hard and cold surface. The supple and elastic nature of rubber makes custom cut matting a perfect fatigue resistance surface. Added comfort can help people focus on their surroundings rather than the throbbing pain of their feet, ankles, legs, and backs. Even using these mats indoors, along store aisles can keep customers comfortable, ensuring that they enjoy an easier shopping experience.

Woman moving a baby carriage up a ramp that has corrugated ramp cleat rubber runners
Black in color Perfect Anti-Slip Mats for Inclines, Ramps, and Walkways

• Professional Appearance
Although these rubber floor runners are perfectly suited to stand up against dirt, mud, and grime they also carry a crisp professional appearance that will make them fit in perfectly within the halls of office buildings. Outside moisture can easily get carried inside, so installing rubber surfacing as temporary floor coverings is a great way to avoid high-heeled slipping disasters! Although, high-heels may make the use of some of our textured mats a bit difficult. Available in a number of colors, most of which feature interesting textured surfaces, these mats can fit in seamlessly into most interior or exterior décors.

• Durability
Many of these flooring options are made with recycled material, although some are made with synthetic rubber compounds, both of which are highly durable and perfectly suited for heavy-duty applications. With custom cut matting that utilizes recycled material, the source of which is discarded automobile tires, the strength and resilience of the product is easier to see and recognize. Tires are designed to stand up to some pretty abrasive environments—constant exposure to corrosive sunlight, excessive moisture, snow, and a number of other harsh environmental factors. This is the strength that is inherited by these rolled rubber mats, and this is what ensures that they’ll be a functional product for years to come.

• Ease of Installation
Runners are already very easy to install, requiring little technical knowledge. However, using custom cut matting can make the installation processes even easier! These rubber floor runners can be purchased in half-foot increments up to fifty feet in length, making it easy to order flooring that fits your exact criteria. The ease of installation of these products also makes them highly affordable—because you’ll avoid complicated, time-consuming, and expensive professional installation costs. This can come in handy when you’re using your runners as temporary floor coverings in areas that need a bit of extra protection!

This customizable flooring option is well suited for any custom area.

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