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5 Places Where an Equipment floor mat can Dampen Noise in Your Home

Imagine yourself—sound asleep after a long day. Then suddenly the deep reverberating hum of your refrigerator starts, or maybe your roommate decides to run the washer and dryer (—maybe it’s time to start looking for a new roommate!), whatever the case may be, these are sounds that could affect the quality of your sleep. Or—may not even be asleep, you could be enjoying your favorite show or reading a book and suddenly someone in your home decides to go for a run on the treadmill. Heavy-duty rubber mats are perfect for dampening these sounds. They come in wide assortment of gauges which will help to soundproof floors depending on the type of impact. With thicknesses ranging from a quarter inch to a full inch, and made of densely compacted material, these are highly durable protector mats that will offer your home a number of benefits!

A strategically placed equipment floor mat won’t just improve the noise quality in your home by reducing the sounds born from appliance, equipment, and gear vibrations; it could also protect your flooring and the appliances themselves from costly repairs or from having to be replaced.

Check out these 5 locations within your home that could definitely benefit from the many amazing qualities of rubberized surfacing!

  • In the Kitchen

We’ve all heard the hum of a refrigerator. Like clockwork the motor will come to life or the vents will start to vibrate while circulating cool air. Although these might not be the most annoying of sounds in the world—if you’re anything like me it might drive you crazy! And really, this is a huge inconvenience that you shouldn’t have to endure in your own home. Not to mention, the vibrations of such a large appliance could easily scratch tile, hardwood, or linoleum flooring. A single equipment floor mat under your fridge could be the perfect solution to this problem!

  • Music Room/Areas

Having the ability to play an instrument is a great attribute, but not so much when it’s causing discomfort to others. A good way to keep the peace in your home and with your neighbors is by placing thick rubberized flooring under your musical equipment—specifically things like drums, amplifiers, and speakers, which can cause quite a bit of vibration.

  • Laundry Appliances

In my childhood home, my bedroom was right next to the garage—and right up against the wall that divided the two spaces is where the washer and dryer were set up (unfortunately there was no other place for them). I hated the sound of the both those machines, especially since I had very inconsiderate siblings who did their laundry at all hours of the night!

Placing protector mats under these appliances can greatly reduce the sound of their vibrations, not to mention it could protect the flooring onto of which they are set up. Each of these machines can be well over 150 pounds (that’s more than 300 pounds together!), now imagine them bouncing and rocking over your hardwood or tile flooring—even concrete could end up with cracks or chips! With sharp metal corners it really is just a matter of time before they cause serious damage.

Shark tooth mat black in color perfect for washer & dryer
Black in color Thick Rubber Mat Designed for Impact-Heavy Applications dumbells kept
  • Home Gyms/Workout Area

No place in your home will benefit from the use of heavy-duty rubber mats as much as your home gym. Vibration reduction flooring is perfectly suited to withstand the impact of dropped weights and the heavy movements of treadmills and elliptical machines. Many rubber products are made from recycled materials—the main source of which is discarded tires. This is a true testament to the durability and sheer resilience of these products! Automobile tires are designed to standup against the many abrasive environments encountered on the open road such as constant exposure to sunlight, excessive moisture, snow, and rough terrain. You can bring this same strength into your home through the use of eco-friendly rubber flooring.

  • Work Shop Equipment

Last but not least, a garage or shed turned into workshop is the perfect place to set up some protector mats. Place an equipment floor mat under an air compressor or generator, or any other piece of equipment that makes too much noise or may need extra protection! The supple and supportive nature of rubber can act as a barrier between dropped parts, materials, or tools and the hard unforgiving subfloor. Due to the elastic nature of the material, parts and tools will have a bounce back effect when they meet the floor, which could potentially keep them from braking and or damaging the subflooring. And because heavy duty rubber mats are specifically designed for industrial and commercial areas, they are perfectly suited for dampening the sounds that may out of your home workshop.

Since no two homes are exactly alike, we’re certain there are many other areas that could benefit from the placement of an equipment floor mat. But regardless of the area or the specific requirements—the variety of products makes us certain you’ll find the perfect fit for your needs.

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