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Kitchen Mats – Rubber Mats for Your Kitchen

It doesn’t matter if you’re a chef at home or in a luxurious five-star restaurant—the place where you cook should be secure and safe. If you’re handling knives, and playing conductor to a symphony of hot pans and pots full of boiling water, then being sure of your surroundings is absolutely necessary. Safety should start from the ground up! Chef mats can make floors safer and more comfortable while enduring all the rigors of a kitchen, such as heavy foot traffic, falling utensils, and thorough cleanings. Rubber kitchen mats are an easy and inexpensive way to cover the surfaces of this essential area. Regardless of the size of your specific space, mats or rubber kitchen floor tiles can be used to cover as much or as little as required. And if you need a very specific length, a kitchen runner can be custom cut into lengths that will fit seamlessly into most spaces. There’s a reason why the kitchen is recognized as the heart of the home, so we’re certain you’ll want to keep this area safe with non-slip kitchen flooring.

If you’re still not convinced, check out these 7 reasons why you should be using kitchen mats in your home or commercial kitchen!

  • Anti-Fatigue

A lot of work goes into food preparation, and it usually involves standing and moving around in specific areas for extended periods of time. Chef mats or a strategically placed kitchen runner can greatly reduce the strain on ankles, feet, and joints, thanks to rubbers natural elasticity and supple surface. So whether you’re cooking at home for yourself or your kids after a long day in the office or if work in the fast paced environment of a commercial kitchen, rubberized matting can be very beneficial to your aching feet!

  • Non-Slip

A kitchen, regardless of how much we try to control it, tends to be a wet and slippery place. These conditions present a heightened risk of injury to due to slips and falls. Employing non-slip kitchen flooring in your kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive or tedious. Chef mats are easy to install and will, immediately after being set down, begin to work. Since rubber has a natural coefficient of friction, it makes it an excellent material for non-slip applications.

  • Floor and Utensil Protection

Another advantage of using rubber kitchen floor tiles, mats, or runners is the protection they offer. Not only will they help keep you steady on your feet through added traction and grip, but rubber flooring can also protect your floors and expensive utensils and appliances. The same attributes that make rubber work in anti-fatigue applications (elasticity and softer surfacing) are also the reasons it can act as a barrier between a falling object and the floor. This will greatly help extend the life of both your floors as well as your equipment!

  • Durability

Rubber kitchen mats are also incredibly durable. This material is naturally tough and resilient. It can withstand high abrasive conditions, like the kind it may encounter in a commercial kitchen. If you can imagine how hectic your favorite restaurant can get at peak hours, it’s easy to see how durable a kitchen runner or mat has to be in order to protect floors from heavy traffic and other demanding situations.

Orange kitchen mat underneath a person standing on it with brown shoes
Black mat with rough pattern on the inside over a life saver with welcome on top of it
  • Variety

Non-slip kitchen flooring is available in several sizes and styles and is designed to provide a variety of helpful attributes, ranging from drainage properties to increased traction and grip.

  • Easy Maintenance

Whether you’re using mats or rubber kitchen floor tiles, this material is very easy to clean up. Chef mats have excellent resistance to most cleaning agents and can be cleaned using any common commercial equipment. If more thorough cleaning is needed, these mats can easily be removed, taken outside, given a good scrubbing and hosed down.

  • Ease of Installation

Regardless of the style you decide to use in your home or commercial kitchen, installation is remarkably easy. Either as matting, as an individual kitchen runner, or as multiple pieces of rubber kitchen floor tiles, this is a product that can be set down, snapped together, or very simply rolled out. And in cases where a more permanent finished is required, double sided adhesives are available.

If you have any questions about rubber kitchen mats, let us help!

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