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Rubber Kitchen Runner —Safety and Comfort for Buffet Flooring

A buffet style restaurant can be a lot of fun! Whether it’s delicious Chinese food or extra-spicy Indian cuisine—the choices seem to be endless. A buffet offers customers a more interactive experience with their food but it also carries a higher risk of slip and fall accidents. Buffet restaurants, school cafeterias, and dining halls all have heavy foot traffic, which needs to be provided with safer flooring. With spills being unavoidable, providing both your staff and patrons with a well-placed non-slip kitchen mat is a great way to minimize the risk of falls. Kitchen matting doesn’t have to stay in the kitchen! Many of the applications that make rubber matting a great choice for the hectic and hazardous environments found in most commercial kitchens are the same reasons that make these products perfect for a restaurant’s main floor! For example, kitchen runner can easily be adapted to be used along the length of a buffet unit, helping to keep patrons from slipping with their added texture and grip. Restaurant mats are definitely a great addition to any food service location, but they are absolutely essential for a buffet-style restaurant.

Here are 2 very important ways using rubber matting along your buffet units is going to minimize the risk of slip and fall accidents.

  • Slip Resistant

Any area where people stand in line to get their food, select their food, or pay for their food is a potential hotspot for messes. With accidental spills and drops being inevitable, a non-slip kitchen mat is going to offer added security to help keep both your patrons as well as your staff on their feet. A rubber kitchen runner can be made with a raised design upon their surface. Whether that design is diamond plate or ribbed grooves, there’s a very specific reason for its existence. A raised surface and intricate design adds further traction to rubbers naturally high quality of friction. These two characteristics paired with rubbers natural water-resistant qualities make this the perfect material to use in kitchen matting. Due to rubbers water-resistance, any mess that makes its way onto your restaurant mats can easily and quickly be wiped away with a broom and a mop, ensuring that people can continue selecting their food quickly.

  • Cushioning

Although customers make up the biggest percentage of foot traffic around a buffet unit, employees are also required to move around these areas—delivering food, cleaning up messes, and even helping customers find certain items. Considering that food-service staff are usually required to spend their whole shift standing on their feet—cushioned restaurant mats can greatly reduce the strain on their feet, ankles, and legs. This becomes imperative when a member of your staff is carrying a hot 30 pound tray of freshly cooked food from the kitchen to the buffet.

Having a non-slip kitchen mat available is great, but the added comfort of soft elastic kitchen runner is going to be very much appreciated! Not only that, but by removing discomfort you’re allowing your staff to refocus that attention on being more vigilant of potential risks as well possibly adding to their efficiency.

And in the unfortunate event that a fall does happen, having a thicker and softer rubber material as your kitchen matting can provide a much more forgiving surface upon which to fall. Compare rubber restaurant mats to something like—concrete, tile floors, or hardwood floors? Rubber flooring is the preferable choice.

Grease-Resistant Rubber Mat red color placed on bathroom surface
Orange bottle on top of a fine rib gray mat

Rubberized surfacing is an essential tool for buffet restaurants, dining halls, school cafeterias, or even food court at a mall. All of these places are subject to a constant flow of foot traffic and unexpected spills. Foodservice and property management need to make sure that their floors are not only clean and presentable, but also safe for their patrons and staff. Rubber kitchen matting is available in a variety of styles—whether you just need a single non-slip kitchen mat or a longer custom-cut kitchen runner!

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