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Ergonomic Floor Padding—an Excellent Resource for any Space

A supportive surface is a great investment for any location, regardless of what is being done there! For work, for home, and for play, having thick and comfortable floor padding can greatly increase your productivity as well as your enjoyment. Ergonomic mats are an excellent resource to have in any areas where you have to stand on your feet for long periods of time. These products are made specifically to combat fatigue, so they are designed to serve as shock absorbers while providing support to feet, ankles, legs, and backs. Whether you’re using anti-fatigue flooring in your business for your employees, at home with your family or somewhere alone or with friends—rubberized surfacing will provide you with a more comfortable foundation to stand on! Available as cushioned floor tiles, mats, and custom cut runners, ergonomic comfort can fit into any area, regardless of how oddly shaped it may be. Also available with the vast number of styles are colors, shapes, and sizes, ensuring that there is an option for every budget, aesthetic sensibility, and functional need.

Check out these three similar but distinctly different areas where ergonomic floor padding can be utilized—along with all the advantages that it can bring to the table.

  • For Home
    Nowhere is comfort more important than in your own home. After a long day at work the first thing most people do when they get through the door is kick off their shoes! Having a supple surface to stand on—like the ones offered by ergonomic mats, can ensure that you have that little extra needed energy to play with your kids, to cook dinner, or just to get those last few chores out of the way so that you can finally sit back and enjoy the rest of your day. Also, consider that anti-fatigue flooring is often made to be thicker, and therefore more bouncy and elastic—this sort of flooring can provide a much kinder surface for toddlers who are learning how to walk, children who are prone to trips and falls, and even older family members who could easily lose their footing.

A rubber surface will be more forgiving than hardwood, linoleum, or tile flooring. And elastomer flooring is very simple to install, making it a great DIY project that can easily be accomplished over the span of a weekend. With mats, tiles, and runners needing only to be laid out, snapped together like puzzle pieces, or rolled out (respectively), you could be enjoying your softer surfacing in a matter of hours! And should you require or desire a more permanent placement then double-sided adhesives can be used to secure the rubber surfacing to the original sub-flooring.

  • For Work
    Work environments are pretty varied, and rubber surfacing could be needed in a narrow corridor or a wide open gallery-sized space, and anything in between. Whatever the case may be, rubberized flooring can fit nearly any need in regards to space. Cushioned floor tiles can be used to cover a larger and continuous area, while runners can be employed through hallways and corridors. These shock-absorbing mats will reduce stress to the feet, legs, and joints. And if you choose the right kind, ergonomic mats can even energize tired legs and feet—helping employees get through the last half of their shifts with that proverbial bounce in their step! This is very important for job performance because a tired and uncomfortable employee is just not going to be as productive as he or he could be, or is expected to be. Anti-fatigue flooring can even help increase the attendance of your employees—you may start seeing workers take fewer days off due to leg and back pain!
Interlocking Cushioned Flooring Tiles, Perfect for Gyms or Garages
Black color Perfect Rubber Drainage Mats for Kitchens or Bars
  • For Leisure
    Enjoyable leisure time isn’t always spent in the home. Whether you’re out boating, shooting pool in a buddy’s house, or in a workshop, art studio, or gym, ergonomic floor padding is going to continuously and consistently provide comfort and support. And with many

Check out these three similar but distinctly different areas where ergonomic floor padding can be utilized—along with all the advantages that it can bring to the table.

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