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Anti-Slip Mats Increase Slip Resistance in Wet Areas

Rubber’s natural durability and grip is one of the primary reasons most anti-slip mats are made with rubber material. Because rubber has a naturally high coefficient of friction and grip, Floor Mat Company’s nonslip rubber mats are a great way to inhibit movement and increase slip resistance in slick, wet areas. These rubber floor mats are custom cut to need, easy to install, and even easier to clean!

Many of Floor Mat Company’s anti-slip rubber flooring are manufactured with raised surface textures for extra slip resistance. Although they are made with naturally slip-resistant rubber, the special surface textures are specifically designed to add traction and safety to wet areas. Install one of our rubber mats in a garage, basement, or outdoor patio. Even in wet weather, our anti-slip rubber matting prevents dangerous slips, falls, and injuries.

Our anti-slip mats are also incredibly easy to install and maintain. Our rubber flooring mats can cover longer walkways and runner areas, fitting together for a seamless and continuous floor surface. And because there are fewer seams, this non-porous floor surface lasts longer and gives you more durable floor protection! Purchase our rubber roll mats in custom lengths up to 50 feet. This anti-slip flooring is ideal for areas that experience seasonal moisture, such as ski resorts, water parks, locker rooms, and retail entryways!

Protect yourself, your customers and your loved ones with durable non-slip floor mats from! We offer a large number of rubber mats for various needs and applications. Call us now at (866) 378-5679, or email your questions and sample requests to!

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