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Ice Skating Rinks Need Durable Flooring Protection

Rubber flooring is common in ice skating rinks because it offers excellent durability and protection. That’s why Floor Mat Company’s ice skating floor mats are made with resilient rubber material! They are the most effective way to protect rink floors from sharp ice skates and equipment while providing a safe surface for athletes to walk on!

If you want to preserve your ice skating rink floors, rubber matting is ideal for your needs. Ice skates and other bulky equipment can be sharp, abrasive, and damaging to rink floors. Our durable rubber mats form a protective barrier and prevent costly damage to subfloors. You can protect expensive skating equipment from hard concrete surfaces in the process! By doing so, you’ll easily save money on floor maintenance and equipment replacement.

Areas around ice skating rinks often see excessive amounts of wear and tear, making them unsafe for athletes and spectators. Our rubber mats and flooring rolls are designed for the most extreme conditions and are made to outlast other flooring products! These rink mats offer a safe, non-slip surface that athletes can walk on while wearing their skates! While wood and linoleum floors damage easily and develop slippery areas, our resilient rubber flooring will give you long-lasting anti-slip safety.

At, we have a broad selection of rubber matting for ice skating rinks. Contact us with any questions, concerns, or sample requests! Our live product specialists are available every Monday through Friday, between 6 AM and 5 PM Pacific Standard Time.

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