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Cattle Protection-Mats—How to Ensure the Health of your Livestock

Whether you have one beloved cow named Betsy—or you oversee more than a thousand head of cattle, keeping your livestock healthy is not only a personal concern, but in many places it’s a legal requirement. This is especially true if the livestock is going to be used for consumption purposes, such as beef or dairy. Whatever the case may be, rubberized protection-mats are affordability and can be a simple solution to a number of concerns. These heavy-duty floor mats are well suited for the weight and movements of larger animals, and will prove themselves to be long long-lasting and durable. Thick rubber flooring will add much needed comfort to a hard cement floor that’s otherwise sparingly covered in hay or sawdust.  Additionally, hygiene is another issue that can be aided by the use of rubber mats. Heavy-duty environments, such as those found in cow stalls require a multi-purposed product that won’t skimp on fulfilling needs, but which is also easy to maintain—especially when you’re busy tending for many animals.

Here are the 3 main reasons to consider using rubber protection-mats for your bovine-care needs.

  • Comfort

According to the DeLaval Company, cow comfort is a lot more important than anyone could have guessed. As stated on their website: “Observation and experience show that cows housed in a comfortable environment produce more milk and generally live healthier, longer lives.” So apart from having plenty of food, clean water, and fresh air—cows greatly benefit from having comfortable bedding and footing. And all things considered, it makes perfect sense! Cows are pretty big animals, and although their bodies are designed to carry all that weight around, it doesn’t mean that their joints won’t suffer from strain. In fact, cows can even develop arthritis. Thick rubber flooring is elastic and supple, perfect for a heavy animal to stand on or rest upon. Also, consider the chill of concrete surfacing; this is another problem which can be resolved by thicker rubber mats. Heavy-duty flooring isn’t always designed with comfort in mind, much less the comfort of animals, but this is one product perfectly suited for the job.

  • Cleanliness

These heavy-duty floor mats can come equipped with drainage channels that direct away moisture. This particular drainage design allows liquids, mud, muck, and waste products to drain beneath the mat surface and away from your cattle. And with the ease of installation and removal, rubber protection-mats can easily be taken out when they need to be cleaned. The cleanup itself is incredibly easy—a good hose-down can wash away dirt and waste, while the use of a broom can ensure you get into all the nooks and crannies. And with rubber’s natural resistance to water these mats offer a hostile environment for bacteria, helping to prevent its growth.

  • Durability

Lastly, we want to point out the durability of rubber. In addition to being comfortable and easy to clean and maintain, heavy-duty floor mats are available in a blend of natural and recycled materials. Rubber is already inherently resistant to many elements (such as water)—but when mats are made from reclaimed and recycled material it’s easy to see why they are so tough. Tires are the main source of the recycled material and they are designed to stand up against the very worst of Mother Nature’s elements. That is a true testament to the resilience of this product.

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Equine Flex mat placed & horse standing over it

When it comes to good bovine care, cow matting is one of the most significant elements to consider. Keeping your cattle comfortable and warm is extremely important. But cow bedding doesn’t have to cost a fortune to last a long time! Thick rubber flooring is affordable and available in a number of styles. Protection-mats are a great investment to make because of all the benefits they bring to the table—or rather, the barn!

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