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Ground Protection Mats—8 Places that Need Extra Protection in Your Home!

Whether you own or rent—your home is probably a great source of pride. If you own, then you want to safeguard your investment and if you rent you are probably equally as interested in protecting the building because costly repairs could come directly out of your deposit! Regardless of the situation, everyone wants to live in a place that is well taken care of and that makes us feel good when we walk in through the door at the end of the day. Rubberized heavy-duty flooring is a great way to offer the diverse surfaces of your home some added protection. A strategically placed protection mat is an effective way to keep heavy equipment from scratching or damaging expensive hardwood, tile, or stone floors. The best part is that these are ground protection mats that have been designed to withstand a number of abrasive situations far worse than what they may encounter in a home environment. A hard floor mat can even be used in outdoor applications for the protection of decks and patios. Really—there’s very little these products can’t do!

If you’re curious about how you can take advantage of the protective properties of these products in your home, check out this list of places that could do with a little bit of added protection!

  1. Home Gym

Having a gym at home is a great way to get fit—if you actually work out, unlike me. One of the most common pieces of equipment that are used in a home workout area are treadmills and elliptical machines, and although these are great for working up a sweat they can also be extremely damaging to subfloors. The placement of ground protection mats under these machines can protect your floors from scratches derived from vibrations and harsher movements. Also, because rubber inhibits the growth of mold and mildew, you can help your gym from smelling funky!

  1. Laundry Room

Again, much like the heavy equipment found in home gyms, a laundry room has a washer and dryer—each of which can weigh well over 150 pounds. Together that’s can be a lot more than 300 pounds bouncing and churning on top of your floors.  A strategically placed protection mat under each of these machines won’t just protect your floors but it will also dampen the loud sound that comes from their operations.

  1. The Garage

Whether you use your garage for storage or if you have a nice little workshop set up—floor protection should not be ignored in this area of your home just because it’s concrete or linoleum.

Damage to concrete in the form of large cracks or chips in the surface are unflattering and difficult to repair. A dropped hammer or a spilt can of paint can leave pretty noticeable and sometimes irreversible damage.

  1. Home Office

By a placing hard floor mat under your desk you can help protect your sub-surfacing from any scratches that might be acquired from the unavoidable movement and shifts of large pieces of furniture. The same could be said of the legs of your desk chair or its wheels—which could easily scrap and scratch at hardwood or tile. And ground protection mats can even prove to be a source of comfort due to rubber’s soft elastic surface.

  1. Shed Surfacing

Due to rubber’s natural water resistance, heavy-duty flooring that is made from this material is perfect for outdoor storage applications. With outside sheds being, to a certain degree, exposed to the elements it’s better to be safe than sorry and use a water resistant surface upon which to place expensive equipment and tools—or anything else that you store in your shed!

Black in color Indoor/Outdoor Slip-Resistant Rubber Floor Runners person walking
Black color Reclaimed Safety Rubber Mat Improves Traction and Resilience heavy equipement placed on it
  1. Deck Protection

Decks tend to be a homeowners pride and joy because they are such a wonderful addition. But regardless of whether you oversaw the building of the deck or if your home came with one already installed—you will definitely want to make sure it’s well guarded against the elements and accidents. More often than not, decks are made out of lumber and will require extra protection during wet and snowy seasons—heavy duty flooring is a great way to cover these surfaces.

  1. Patio Protection

Like a deck, your patio is probably a very enjoyable location in your home—or rather outside your home. And chances are that you probably want to showcase whatever surfacing you chose for this area, but that doesn’t remove the fact that you may need seasonal protection for when the weather turns a little rough. The materials used in ground protection mats tend to come from recycled sources, such as discarded tires. Now, when you consider the resilience of automobile tires it’s easy to see why this is the perfect material to use in a protection mat. Tires are designed to be all-weather and all-terrain, meaning that they will do very well outside while they protect your patio surfacing.

  1. Closet Storage

People store a lot of strange things in closets—from the normal and expected to the odd and very much unexpected. These items are liable to be damaged if they should fall because they were stored incorrectly, and could in turn cause some serious damage to the flooring inside your closet. I can imagine a bowling ball falling and breaking through hardwood floor or completely cracking tile, which is why a hard floor mat would be perfectly suited for this situation. The placement some rubberized heavy duty flooring, which will provide a supple and elastic surface, is a great way to protect precious objects while it also acts as a buffer for the subsurface.

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