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Heavy-Duty Mat–Flooring Options for Ice-Skating Rinks

When one thinks of an ice-skating rink, heavy-duty rubber flooring is not usually the first thing to come to mind. However, it serves a number of important applications that simply cannot be overlooked. Whether you’re an owner, a manager, or an employee changed with finding the best possible flooring for your ice-skating rink, we have the perfect solution for you!

When it comes to protective floor options, rubber is an amazingly versatile material that is available in recycled, virgin, or synthetic designs. It can come as an easy to install singular thick rubber mat, or as runners for hallways (available in specific lengths), and even as interlocking tiles for wider areas. These protective floor mats offer a number of benefits that can guard against damage to both subfloors as well as equipment, while having the added advantage of offering an anti-slip surface.

Rubberized flooring is a strong contender when it comes to the needs of your ice-skating rink, and here are our 3 reasons why.

  • Durability
    Ice-skates are a pretty interesting piece of equipment. While offering skaters of any and all experience levels the chance to glide to and fro, the movement is completely dependent on a long metal blade that runs along the length of the boot. And regardless of how close a bench is placed near the rink, patrons are bound to take a few steps on
  • your floor before making it to the ice. For this reason, areas around the rink often see excessive amounts of wear and tear. Heavy-duty rubber flooring is specifically made to stand up against this sort of abrasive treatment. Many rubber flooring options are made from reclaimed and recycled tires, which is a testament to their strength and durability as a protective floor. Tires are designed to stand up against staggering conditions, so you can clearly see that they are well suited for this application. However, nothing lasts forever and when it’s time to replace your protective floor mats, removal will be a lot easier than replacing a permanent floor fixture that has been badly damaged.
  • Floor Protection
    Regardless of your position as an owner or a renter of an ice-skating rink, protecting the structure of the building is an important business aspect. If you want to preserve the original floors of your rink in order to avoid costly repairs then protective floor mats are ideal for your needs. Ice skates and other bulky equipment can be sharp, abrasive, and damaging to any floor. A tactically placed thick rubber mat can protect your floors in areas that see the most amount of foot traffic—especially places where people are treading around on the blades of their skates. Rubber mats form a protective barrier and can help prevent costly damage to subfloors. You can also protect your equipment from hard concrete surfaces in the process, especially if you’re renting out skates! By doing so, you’ll easily save money on floor maintenance and equipment replacement
Corrugated fine rib perpendicular angle image
Shark tooth mat black in color perfect for heavy duty equipments
  • Safety
    Although this is last on our list, it’s definitely not the least important! Safety is a huge issue that affects a number of business and locations, but none as intently as a place that carries inherent risk, such as a skating rink. Skates can cause unbalanced footing, paired with unavoidable spilt drinks, and melted ice—your rink can quickly become a hazardous place. A rubberized protective floor can offer a safer non-slip surface that athletes can walk on while wearing their skates. Also, heavy-duty rubber flooring comes in a variety of styles, with raised designs that add visual appeal while enhancing traction and grip. And in the event of falls, which at times are unavoidable, a thick rubber mat will offer a far more forgiving surface to land on than concrete, hard-wood, or linoleum floors.

There is a broad selection of protective floor mats! Rubber flooring comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles, so there is something to fit any functional and aesthetic need. Contact us with any questions, concerns, or sample requests!

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