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Outdoor Mats are Made for a Variety of Applications

Floor Mat Company, a Rubber-Cal Store, is a leading expert in outdoor rubber matting products! We offer outdoor mats that are used on patios, decks, playgrounds, ramps, and entryways and in many other locations that require increased comfort and safety. For outdoor door mat applications, we offer coir, vinyl and rubber mats. For larger areas, our outdoor mats are often made from recycled rubber and offer excellent durability.

Recycled rubber products are made from crumb rubber, which is a tire-derived product. Tire Derived Products (TDPs) often benefit from the high quality rubbers used in the production of tires, which are designed to last outdoors under stressful conditions. As a result, only the highest quality ingredients are used in their production. Our rubber floor mats are great for outdoor applications because they contain high amounts of EPDM, a UV-resistant type of rubber. EPDM is an elastomer commonly found in tires. This in turn makes our flooring extremely durable and UV resistant—and these are important qualities in mats that will be exposed to the elements for long periods of time. Our eco-friendly products are not only durable in outdoor environments, they also happen to be far less expensive than their virgin counterparts.

For outdoor door or scraper mats, we offer a wide selection of materials. Coir or cocomats are a popular option due to their cozy country look and feel. Coir is a popular material for residential uses. Coir fiber, which is made from the husk of a coconut, is the ultimate in an eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Moreover, coir has excellent life as an outdoor floor mat. We also offer several vinyl mats that, while they are unfortunately not eco-conscious products like coir or recycled rubber mats, do have a long life cycles, a variety of vivid colors, and very affordable pricing.

In large flooring spaces such as playgrounds, rubber is by far the most used and preferred material. Rubber is a resilient surface that offers excellent durability while still providing a forgiving surface. As a result, our outdoor rubber matting is an excellent choice for all play areas, athletic arenas, and playgrounds. The soft surface features of our outdoor mats provides a more comfortable alternative to concrete and other hard surfaces. For exterior play areas that require extra padding, we offer several thick rubber tiles that provide excellent comfort! These mats are specifically designed to absorb impact in play areas and can be installed over dirt, grass or any other compact surface!

Blue color PVC Drainage Mat placed on floor
Black in color Thick Rubber Mat Designed for Impact-Heavy Applications heavy machinery kept

Another benefit of our floor mats is their non-slip quality. Because moisture can be a continual problem in some outdoor applications, floor mats with a non-slip texture necessary in areas that are slippery in wet conditions. This includes ramps or walkways, which are especially slippery in rainy or snowy climates. Available in several surface textures, our rolls and mats provide excellent traction and cut down on injuries that occur due to slips and falls. Additionally, our rolls and tiles will not be affected by moisture. Liquids will sit on the mat surfaces or pass below until they dry. Unlike other mats, our recycled rubber matting will hold up under sunlight, moisture, rain and other harsh weather elements.

Our floor mats are the best choice for outdoor flooring applications in which durability and safety are a main priority. These outdoor rubber mat products are designed to withstand the harshest conditions while providing a comfortable surface and increasing overall safety. Our mats are available in a wide range of sizes, which means more choices for you.

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