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Rubberized Runners Mats—The Perfect Flooring Option for Aisle Ways

Perfectly suited for use inside of industrial buildings, but also easily applicable to a number of different environments, rubberized runner mats provide a safe surface to walk on in any location that might see hazardous conditions or heavy foot traffic. Because aisle ways tend to connect different parts of a building they will more often than not be busy locations which will see more wear and tear than other areas and they are also areas that harbor the most amount of debris. If moisture is ever an issue then the use of rubber surfacing is an ideal choice because of its natural resistance to water, which will also help to inhibit the growth of mildew and mold. An anti-slip runner will often come equipped with a richly textured surface that is designed to add traction to rubber’s already naturally high coefficient of friction.  Also, regardless of the length of your particular aisle way, protection is not something you’ll ever have to do without thanks to custom matting—which ensures that you get the right length of rubber flooring rolls for just about any location.

If you’re interested in learning how runner mats can make your aisle ways safer, easier to care for, and less susceptible to damage then check out the following 5 reasons why we highly recommend the use of rubberized runners!

  • Protection for Individuals

Bathrooms, dining areas, and workstations tend to be afforded a certain amount of safety because they seem to carry the highest risks. Bathrooms and dining areas can have wet floors, and employees will tend to spend a majority of their time in their designated work station/area. For that reason it may be easy to forget aisle, walkways, or corridors.  However, these can be high-risk areas too, and should not be overlooked. According to Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, “Every year in America, nearly 4 million people suffer a workplace injury from which some may never recover.” This is a staggering number that rubber flooring rolls could potentially help to prevent in the following ways:

  1. Slip Resistance—It only takes a few drops of moisture to make a hard/smooth surface into a hazardous area. Linoleum, tile, and even concrete can become slippery if moisture or any other sort of residue is present. As we previously stated, rubber has a naturally high coefficient of friction that is paired with a rich texture. This results in a flooring option that will afford excellent slip resistance. So by simply placing an anti-slip runner in busy aisles you could help prevent falls and serious injuries.
  1. Trip, Stumble, and Push Resistance—And because not all falls are due to slips, the texture and friction of rubber will also come in handy in the absence of moisture. Grip and texture can help keep people standing should they stumble, trip, or accidently be pushed. Such accidents are more readily seen in high traffic areas such as aisles, halls, or corridors.
  • Protection for Subfloors

Whether your aisle is located in an industrial, residential, or commercial location—the protecting of your building, both external as well as internal, should be an important priority. It doesn’t matter if you own or rent the building that you are occupying, keeping it presentable and damage free is an important aspect of safety as well as business etiquette. Your rubberized custom matting won’t just protect employees, guests, and clients—but it will also help to safeguard the original flooring structure of the aisle.

Black in color Indoor/Outdoor Slip-Resistant Rubber Floor Runners few leaves on it
Black color Reclaimed Safety Rubber Mat Improves Traction and Resilience can roll trolly on it
  • Longevity

Many rubber flooring products are made, in part, from recycled materials the source of which is discarded automobile tires. The use of such a strong material source (tires are proven to be tough and capable of withstanding some very abrasive conditions) gives these runner mats amazing resilience, the likes of which just isn’t seen in many other flooring options. This is a product that will stand up to harsh conditions and will keep up with the wear and tear of foot traffic. And while it will eventually wear out and need to be replaced, it will be a lot less expensive than the replacement of permanent flooring fixtures!

  • Easy Upkeep

Due in large part to rubber’s natural resistance to water and the mobility offered by rubber flooring rolls, this is a flooring option that will be remarkably easy to maintain. When installed, a broom is more than enough to sweep away debris and if your mat is short enough to be safely picked up it can just as easily be shaken out. For more thorough cleanings a damp mop will clean away stuck on dirt and grime, and if the custom matting is located outside and is fully rubberized then it can very easily be washed off with a hose and left to dry.  Rubber runner mats are real easy to clean!

  • Ease of Installation

Aisle ways are busy areas and construction in or around them can usually mean a slowdown of the day’s events and even productivity. Therefore replacement of permanent flooring structures can be very disruptive to a business or industry. Fortunately that’s not something you’ll have to worry about with an anti-slip runner! Rubber flooring rolls are incredibly easy to install, requiring very little technical knowledge—very simply all that is required is rolling the mat out and placing it appropriately along the aisle you wish to cover. And because this flooring option is available as custom matting, which can be cut to the appropriate lengths that are necessary (up to 50 ft.) nearly any corridor, hall, and aisle way can be afforded protection!

Rubberized runner mats are a great investment to make for any business, home, or industrial location. Easy to maintain and easy to replace, these durable and hardworking flooring options offer the best value.

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