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Rubber Floor Mats Can Add Safety and Comfort to Any Equine Facility

Horses can be as unique as people—they come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and even personalities. These are intelligent creatures with a strength that cannot be ignored or overlooked. Perhaps that explains the deep-rooted love that people have for these animals. Even someone who has never ridden a day in their life can easily succumb to the overwhelming presence of one of these magnificent creatures! Because of that it’s easy to understand that there is a very special bond between horses and riders/trainers—one of trust and loyalty. Therefore, it’s exceedingly important to respect that bond and to ensure your horse’s health, both physically as well as mentally.

The use of custom rubber floor mats inside of equine facilities—such as barns, stalls, trailers, and training grounds—is a great way to ensure your horse’s comfort and safety. Also, all-season rubber floor mats have many other added benefits such as ease of installation, of removal, of maintenance, and durability that make it an excellent investment.

The advantages of custom rubber floor mats simply cannot be ignored, particularly when you begin to evaluate the risks of slip-and-fall accidents and discomfort. When you consider the cost that goes into buying and caring for your horse, not to mention the emotional attachment, then the use of horse trailer mats really does become an essential need. While there are many reasons to employ custom rubber floor mats in your equine facility, these are our top two:

Equine Safety

Due to the size and muscular build of many horses, they seem like indestructible creatures. But much like humans, a horse can end up suffering from soreness and small injuries due to an awkward step, a slip, even a fall. Unfortunately, horses cannot so easily communicate with us when they are in distress, especially when it’s minimal aches and pains. Still, these small discomforts can affect performance! Using large rubber floor mats is great way to diminish the risk of minimal and serious injuries alike. The protection of custom rubber floor mats is twofold:

Slip Resistant—a concrete surface, like many of those found inside of barns and horse stalls, can be a very slippery sub-floor to walk on—especially when a horse is wearing shoes. Elastomer is a material that has a naturally high coefficient of friction, and when paired with the raised design of many custom rubber floor mats, it works to produce an unrivaled slip resistant surface.

Cushioned Surface—Regardless of how vigilant you may be, sometimes a fall is just unavoidable. In the unfortunate event that your horse should slip and fall, rather than cross your fingers and hope that he won’t be seriously injured, make sure you are using horse trailer mats! While there is no sure-fire way to prevent injury, the use of a thick and cushioned mat can be a very important extra step to take in the prevention of serious injuries. A horse can weigh anywhere from a few hundred pounds to well over two thousand. That is a lot of weight to support, especially during a fall. Elastomer surfacing is supple and elastic and will more readily adhere to the sudden weight of a falling body as opposed to concrete or dirt, which will offer no support at all.

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Equine Flex mat placed & horse standing over it

Equine Comfort

Some people treat horses as simple beasts of burden! But horses are highly intelligent and sensitive creatures, and their performance and behavior are directly tied to their comfort. For example, a horse that is frightened or in pain won’t be as easily to deal with as a happy and well-rested one. Comfort is also tied to mental and physical well being, just like humans! Can you imagine how hard it is to concentrate and work after a restless and sleepless night? Horses also suffer from those same stresses, so providing them with elastomer matting is an excellent way to provide much needed added comfort. Custom rubber floor mats are easier on the joints, especially for creatures that carry around so much weight.

All-season rubber floor mats will also help you with <em>your</em> own levels of stress! Taking care of a barn and all the sub-sequential animals that reside within can be a huge source of strain. Our large rubber floor mats are easy to clean up, requiring little more than a good sweep of the broom to remove debris. And when a more thorough cleaning is required (to remove dirt, grime, or droppings), the matting can be hosed down with water and will never require a more specialized cleaning regime. Installation is also very easy, requiring only that the matting be properly set down and allowed to settle under its own weight. So, custom rubber floor mats really are excellent solutions to any equine flooring needs!

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