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Modern Doormats—Out with the Old and In with the New!

Cushioned floor mats are a softer, more comfortable alternative to conventional hardwood or linoleum floors. Floor Mat Company’s cushioned mats can make hard surfaces like wood, laminate, tile or vinyl more comfortable to stand on, preventing long-term stress and fatigue.

Floor Mat Company’s cushioned rubber mats are ideal for any commercial application because they provide natural anti-fatigue comfort. Standing for extended periods of time can put immense strain on feet, joints, and lower backs. For food service areas, assembly lines, cashier stands, and dish rooms, our cushioned kitchen floor mats offer maximum natural support. Their resilient, eco-friendly rubber material has natural anti-fatigue and shock-absorbing qualities that will cushion your work area and prevent the accumulation of stress over time. Our cushioned floor mats can prevent employee injury, increase workplace productivity, and improve your business!

Our rubber cushioned floor mats are also durable enough to act as a protective barrier against damaging chemicals, shock and vibrations. These rubber mats are great for assembly lines and abrasive environments that require tough—yet comfortable!—floor surfaces. Unlike foam anti-fatigue mats, which are badly suited to industrial conditions, Floor Mat Company’s cushioned mats can provide soothing comfort without sacrificing durability.

Whether you need a good cushioned kitchen mat for work, recreation, or fitness, our anti-fatigue mats will keep you comfortable and safe and guard your floors against damage. Call us today at (866) 378-5679! Our live customer service agents are available every Monday through Friday, between 6 AM and 5 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Black Color Textured Industrial Mats with Durability and Slip-Resistance shoes pressed on it
Black in color Grease-Resistant Anti-Slip Mat with a 3/4" Thick Comfort Layer taking measurements
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