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Bath Mats—A Durable, Cost-Effective Solution to Slippery Floors

Why stick to conventional bath mats when there is a more durable, cost-effective solution available? Floor Mat Company’s rubber shower mats are made with 100% eco-friendly rubber material for a sustainable bath mat that is durable and provides maximum anti-slip security!

Rubber workout mats is an excellent choice over other conventional flooring, due to its forgiving, yet durable nature. 
Our thicker rubber tiles provide ample cushioning for commercial and high-end work out areas. Available in up to 2.5 inches in thickness, they offer a more cushioned floor surface. Fitness rooms dedicated to calisthenics or a cardio workout will benefit from thick and more elastic rubber flooring. Since these floors will reduce the impact of hard workouts on the body, we recommend them for facilities which see more intense aerobic exercises. Thicker tiles are also more protective, hence can be used below heavier equipment. Gyms areas where barbells or dumbbells are in constant use can also benefit from the use of thicker rubber flooring.

Our rubber bath mats are a great long-term matting solution for your home shower. The rubber content in these mats, which is naturally water and mold resistant, is naturally durable and long lasting! It is also lightweight and extremely easy to clean and store, adding to these mats’ natural durability. While other mats may crack, mold or yellow with age, our rubber bath mats are naturally durable enough to avoid these problems!

Floor Mat Company’s rubber mats also have natural anti-slip safety qualities, making them ideal for your residential shower. Many of our rubber floor mats are manufactured with beveled edges to prevent tripping and to allow standing water to drain quickly. Use one of our eco-friendly tub mats to make slippery bathroom floors safer and to protect your family from dangerous accidents!

Red mat displayed in a bathroom
Red tiles with blue on the side with a spilled water bottle with water on it

At Floor Mat Company, our rubber mats offer great durability and anti-slip protection! If you need help choosing the right bath mat, call us now at (866) 378-5679! Our live product specialists are available to speak with you every Monday through Friday, between 6 AM and 5 PM Pacific Standard Time.

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