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Kitchen Mats Safeguard Hard-Working Staff From Injury

Floor Mat Company commercial kitchen floor mats are designed to comfort and safeguard hard-working staff in commercial kitchens and other food service areas. Whether you spend time in your home kitchen or work in a hectic restaurant, quality kitchen mats are designed to provide cushion and increase anti-slip safety, preventing accidents and serious injury easily.

At Floor Mat Company, we carry durable rubber kitchen mats for increased anti-fatigue comfort. In both residential and commercial cooking areas, you may spend hours on your feet while cooking. Our rubber floor mats, which are made with durable synthetic rubber, are inherently elastic and comfortable. By providing increased cushion, these decrease stress on legs, backs, and joints.

Dealing with slippery floors, spills, and messes are potential dangers in every food processing facility. Food service floors often come into contact with spilled water, greases, and oils, leading to slick floor areas. Our commercial kitchen floor mats, however, provide natural slip resistance and drainage! Many of our 100% Nitrile rubber mats are incredibly durable and grease-resistant. And a number of our kitchen mats are even equipped with large drainage holes! These rubber floor mats will repel and drain liquids away from slippery floor surfaces, protecting kitchen employees and preventing serious accidents.

Protect your employees and yourself in kitchens of all kinds! Contact our customer service representatives today to choose the right kitchen matting for you! Call us now at (866) 378-5679, or email us at

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