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Heavy-Duty Mats are a Must Have for High-Impact Applications

Heavy-duty mats are often necessary for rough environments with high-impact conditions. Floor Mat Company’s thick rubber mats are extremely resilient, and they absorb impact, noise, and vibration easily. As a result, our heavy-duty rubber mats are designed to withstand harsh environments such as factories, warehouses, and commercial fitness applications with heavy weights and machinery.

Because a heavy-duty mat made from rubber contains recycled and synthetic rubbers, their durability and resilience sets them apart from other mats. Our recycled rubber mats, for example, are made from 100% recycled car tires. We all know how durable car tires must be to travel highways at 70 MPH while bearing several thousand pound loads! Our thick rubber mats are made with those same durable materials!

Our strong mats also provide excellent impact absorption and protection. By placing large, bulky equipment on top of these mats, you can easily protect your floors and your machinery from damage. Excessive vibrations on a hard floor surfaces can harm expensive equipment and cost unnecessary money.

These heavy-duty rubber mats deaden any noise and vibrations by spreading them throughout the mat surface. Reduce unpleasant reverberations in your warehouse or gym. Use a heavy-duty mat in manufacturing plants, warehouses, commercial gyms, and other environments to preserve expensive equipment and save maintenance costs!

Shark tooth mat black in color perfect for heavy duty equipments
Blue Dot Recycled Rubber Roll placed on Gym Floor with Dumbell on top

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