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Industrial Mats Offer Unbeatable Safety and Protection in Abrasive Conditions

Floor Mat Company’s clean, functional industrial mats protect and improve factory and warehouse floors. Our industrial rubber mats can be used to provide cushion, prevent fatigue, and increase traction in industrial warehouses, assembly lines, and other areas. While heavy-duty matting is most commonly used to protect costly machinery and parts from damage, good industrial mats can also offer unbeatable safety and protection in the most challenging conditions.

One of the reasons rubber is often recommended for tough applications is its durable natural properties. Rubber, which is naturally elastic, provides excellent comfort and cushioning in heavy-duty applications. A major segment of industrial mats is fatigue mats. These flooring mats provide a comfortable cushioned surface for assembly lines and warehouse work areas. Even our thinner occupational mats are designed to provide long-lasting comfort in areas that see heavy wear.

In addition, rubber has a naturally high level of surface friction. As a result, our rubber industrial mats inhibit sliding and lower the risk of slips and falls. When you place these thick rubber floor mats in a warehouse or factory assembly line, you can prevent dangerous accidents and serious injury easily.

At Floor Mat Company, we recognize that heavy duty rubber mats are most efficiently used as protective mats. In industrial applications, these rubber floor mats are used to guard floors against heavy parts and prevent damage to expensive machinery and equipment. We offer a wide variety of resilient and sturdy rubber mats that will protect the heaviest industrial equipment while preserving factory and warehouse floors. Your floors will last longer and save your company the costs of heavy maintenance!

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Protect industrial equipment and warehouse staff with safe, comfortable rubber matting from Floor Mat Company! Call us now at (866) 378-5679, or email your questions about industrial mats to

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