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What Exactly are Rubber Runners and How Can You Use Them?

Rubber runners is a term used for mats that either come in long rolls, or can be interlocked in order to create a path, walkway, aisle way or an entryway. The purpose of a rubber runner mat can have some pretty wide ranging variations—mostly due to the versatility of the product in regards to the materials that are used, installation process, and all the possible applications it can fulfill. This flooring option is often called rolled rubber matting because of the way the product is packaged and received, which is within tightly wound-up rolls that are easy to install. This particular matting option is an excellent choice when it comes to defining walkways and pathways and also as a means to bring added slip resistance and flooring stability. And because recycled and synthetic

rubber (the two of the main materials used in rubber flooring) are incredibly malleable, customized floor mats are easy to attain. The matting can be cut in half-foot increments up until fifty feet, and with interlocking tiles the possibilities of length are near endless!

Rubber runners are ideal for entrances, hallways, and pathways—both indoors as well as out! This specific style of matting can add safety and cleanliness to any space, while also reinforcing a professional appearance. Here are 3 common locations that utilize rolled rubber matting, and all the different applications this flooring option is employed to fulfill.

• Residential Use
Within homes, apartment buildings, dorms, and retirement communities customized floor mats can be used to provide residents and subflooring structures with added protection. Rubber is naturally resistant to water and therefore makes a wonderful slip resistant surface. This added with the traction rich designs that are often used upon the face of these mats ensures that this product will actively work to prevent nasty slip and fall accidents which could result in serious injuries. As for the protection of subfloors—the supple surface of rubber is perfectly design to absorb and distribute the weight of people, objects, and even suddenly dropped objects that could lead to dents and scratches upon hardwood, tile, or linoleum floors.


• Commercial Use
Although shopping till you drop sounds absolutely fantastic—it’s not really fun if you literally end up dropping! Store aisles can be dangerous, especially those within grocery stores where things are liable to be spilt. And spilt milk will definitely be something to cry over if it results in a broken leg or hip! So protect your customers by employing rubber runners. But apart from slip resistance, the supportive elasticity of rubber provides a comfortable surface for shoppers to stand on while they browse. A rubber runner mat will ensure comfort and can even result in customers purchasing more goods, which is always a good thing.

Corrugated fine rib custom length angle shot
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• Industrial Use
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “a preliminary total of 4,609 fatal work injuries were recorded in the United States in 2011…” This is a staggering statistic that can leave any individual wondering if they are offering enough protection to their employees, especially in industrial settings. Customized floor mats can easily be cut to fit all required lengths, so that corridors, hallways, and pathways, regardless of size can be afforded excellent slip resistance. And for employees that spend their entire shifts upon their feet on assembly lines, behind order desks, or at work stations, the comfort qualities of rolled rubber matting can be a great source of support for aching feet, ankles, and legs which could prevent slip and fall accidents and even lead to heightened vigilance against possible accidents.

Rubber runners offer about as many beneficial qualities as the number of applications where they can be utilized. This versatile flooring option will fit seamlessly into any environment. And don’t forget, a rubber runner mat will be very easy to clean. It will require little more than a broom with which to sweep away debris and a damp mop for a more thorough cleaning. However, if the mat is being used outdoors, a hose can be used to clean stuck-on dirt and grime—making it even more convenient! This flooring option is easy to install, easy to remove, and easy to clean, it’s also perfect for outdoor and indoor applications, and has a number of safety advantages!

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