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Bar Floor Solutions—Rubber Kitchen Runners, Mats, and Tiles

So, a guy walks into a bar—and says ouch! That’s pretty silly, but all joking aside this has probably happened to quite a few people. Walking into a bar is probably about as painful as it is embarrassing, but worse yet is slipping on a puddle and crashing into it. There is no place within a restaurant that will see as many spills as the bar—with the exception of the kitchen itself. Whether it’s due to a novice bartender or to patrons that have had a little too much to drink—spilt drinks, melting ice, and runoff liquids are bound to find their way to the bar floor. Also like any retail or foodservice employee, bartenders are required to stand for the duration of their shift. A rubber bar mat is a great way to add much needed comfort to an otherwise hard and unforgiving surface—such as tile, hardwood, or even concrete, while also adding traction and slip-resistance. Rubber kitchen floor mats are specifically designed for wet environments while also having anti-fatigue and anti-slip properties. These products are available in a variety of sizes and styles, such as kitchen runners that can easily cover a long and narrow area like those in front and behind a bar. If you’re looking for the perfect fit for your bar floor, then look no further!

Check out these 3 reasons why rubber flooring is great for any bar.

  • A Great Fit

Bars come in a variety of sizes and shapes—some are circular, others are long, narrow, and rectangular. Whatever the case may be, you don’t need to spend a fortune removing and reinstalling flooring. You can have flooring that feels custom-made, without the custom-made price! A rubber bar mat can come in a diverse range of options, from sizes, to materials, and even colors! There are ready-made kitchen floor mats, which are popular and come in standard sizes are readily available. If your needs are more unique because the space is bigger or smaller, interlocking rubber tiles are also available. And finally, if you’re looking to cover a long space with a singular piece, rubber comes in rolls, which can be cut into long or short kitchen runners—these are great behind or in front of the bar, in hallways, or entryways along the sidewalk!

  • Anti-Fatigue

Comfortable kitchen floor mats are going to be an invaluable part of any bar establishment. Rubber is naturally supple and elastic, which will add natural cushioning and comfort to your existing bar floor.  Rubber, while being highly durable tends to be more affordable. Many matting options are made from reclaimed and recycled material, which isn’t just eco-friendly, it’s also wallet-friendly. With the added bounce and resilience of rubber flooring you’ll be helping your bartender avoid physical stress and fatigue.

  • Anti-Slip

Last but not least, and certainly not least important, is the added safety that rubber flooring can provide your establishment. Due to the material’s natural water-resistance and its high coefficient of friction, a rubber bar mat is going to provide valuable traction in an environment that tends to stay wet. With many kitchen floor mats available with drainage holes, which channel liquids away from underfoot, you can do a lot more to prevent potential accidents. Also, by adding kitchen runners along the outside of your bar, where patrons often stand or sit when ordering drinks, you can help guard your business from the liability of slipping accidents!

Red color Perfect Rubber Drainage Mats for Kitchens or Bars
A person is standing on black color dura chef drainage mat

Adding protection to your bar floor is not just good business sense; it will also show your staff and customers that you genuinely care for the comfort and safety of everyone involved in your establishment. If you need helping choosing the right bar mat for you, let us help!

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