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A Comfort Kitchen Mat is the Perfect Choice for Any Chef

When it comes to a commercial kitchen the most important figure by far is the chef and the cooks who help him or her, and below them there are a number of very useful individuals who all help to maintain and keep a restaurant running smoothly. These are the people responsible for coming up with wonderful dishes, for cooking these dishes, and of course for plating and serving these dishes. It’s obvious that they all play important and necessary roles within the foodservice industry. Therefore, it’s imperative to ensuring their comfort and their safety! A comfort kitchen mat is specifically designed to provide the very best support to all staff members, while providing a slip resistant surface that can even help a floor stay clean during peak rush hours. These supple cushioned kitchen mats are perfectly suited to support the weight of those who spend their entire day on their feet, and all while providing a number of essential qualities that are truly essential. Regardless of how orderly and well trained employees may be—accidental spills are bound to happen. Non-slip kitchen mats will help to ensure the safety of staff by providing a richly textured surface that will actively work to keep people on their feet. The strategic placement of a single anti-fatigue kitchen floor mat can go a long way in preventing the exhaustion of any one particular staff member—such as a dishwasher, a chef, or kitchen assistant. And with a multitude of flooring options no area will be too large or too small to be afforded the excellent protection of rubber surfacing.

If you own, manage, or work in a restaurant and you’ve been charged with finding a durable, resilient, and safe flooring option that will somehow manage to encompass comfort, and all while maintaining a professional appearance—don’t fear! It may seem impossible to ask for so much from rubberized flooring, but these non-slip kitchen mats are tough and perfectly suited for nearly any harsh environments.  Here are 4 excellent reasons why even a single comfort kitchen mat would make a great investment—although we obviously recommend the use of a lot more than just one!

  • Comfortable Surfacing

An anti-fatigue kitchen floor mat allows chefs to comfortably be on their feet while they create dazzling dishes! Rubberized flooring which can be placed at the foot of the stove will make chefs and cooks far more comfortable as they slave over the proverbial “Hot Stove.” Being up on one’s feet while working can be painful and exhausting, and when an individual works in a kitchen these problems can be exacerbated during peak lunch or dinner hours. Luckily cushioned kitchen mats offer a great solution to this problem and can help to relieve the aches and pains that come from standing for long periods of time. Another important aspect of providing a comfortable work environment for staff members is because well-being is directly correlated with efficiency and vigilance. By keeping employees comfortable you can help them focus their attention on the task at hand and stay aware and vigilant against possible accidents in the workplace.

  • Slip Resistance

In addition to the great anti- fatigue qualities of these mats, rubberized flooring can also make your floors safer. Non-slip kitchen mats are specifically designed to provide the very best traction and grip. And because rubber is already resistant to water, it is the ideal material to use in anti-slip applications. Many of these matting options will come with drainage holes which are perfectly suited to remove excessive moisture directly away from underfoot where it can present the most risk. Some of these cushioned kitchen mats are even made with the use Nitrile, which provides excellent resistance against common greases, oils, and animal by-products, which could really come in hand in a place where oil and grease spills are commonplace.

  • Easy Upkeep

Another reason that rubber is a popular product inside of restaurants is because of its relative ease of maintenance. For all the great qualities that a comfort kitchen mat can bring to the table—amazingly it will not require specialized or extensive amounts of care. A broom is more than enough to remove debris and for a more thorough cleaning a water hose can be used to wash away stuck on muck and grime. Also, as previously mentioned, because rubber has a natural resistance to moisture it will inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. Unlike wood floors, which can act as a source of food for pests, rubber is an inhospitable material upon which bacteria will have a very hard time growing.

  • Easy Installation

Last but not least, another fantastic reason for choosing cushioned kitchen mats is because of how easy they are to install. Regardless of the particular flooring option you choose to employ, whether you go for multiple runners for, interlocking tiles, or if you happen to decide you only need a single anti-fatigue kitchen floor mat—the setup of these products is so easy that you can forgo costly professional installation costs. Mats, tiles, and runners require little more than being laid down, being snapped together, or being rolled out (respectively). The installation of these products makes them very friendly DIY projects.

Comfort Cloud action shot
One bumpy mat border with holes along the inside

Non-slip kitchen mats are a great flooring choice for commercial kitchens. These rubberized flooring options will provide support and relief to weary feet while also protecting people from potential slip and fall accidents. Even a single comfort kitchen mat is a great way to offer added protection to any one area in your kitchen that may be more hazardous than other locations. Regardless of your particular needs, we’re certain you’ll find the perfect option with rubberized flooring.

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