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Kitchen Mats and Rugs—What does Your Shop Counter Need?

A shop counter is a very unique place to work. A concession stand that serves food is all the more unique in that staff are required to cater to a customer’s requests while operating in their line of view. Regardless of how well your employs do their jobs, this can be stressful! Whether it’s putting together a sandwich or preparing an extremely elaborate coffee drink, behind the counter staff has to be professional, friendly, and fast! When you’re considering what sort of surfacing is best suited for the busy and often time’s chaotic environment behind a shop counter we recommend you consider rubber kitchen flooring options! There are a variety of kitchen mats and rugs available for this particular work situation, but not all as well suited to stand up to this sort of abrasive environment, while still offering a number of beneficial attributes. With rubber you can have a cushioned kitchen mat that offers anti-fatigue advantages, while maintaining a profession appearance. Providing a Non-slip kitchen floor is also a huge aspect to keep in mind—rubber bar mats are offered specifically with this safety feature in mind.

Here are some questions to seriously consider when you’re thinking about your behind the counter needs!

  • Is Comfort Important?

When you are considering flooring for a retail counter, you should always think about comfort as it is directly related to efficiency. A cushioned kitchen mat will help reduce the strain and fatigue associated with standing all day. A more comfortable environment will help staff have a friendlier disposition as well as aid them in being more effective in their tasks.

  • Do You Need to Clearly Denote Walkable Areas?

Rubber kitchen flooring options are wonderfully multipurpose. Placing a rubber runner can define the area that staff is supposed to occupy, while also facilitating the way towards restrooms for customers. A mat can and generally will keep staff in their required location, especially during hectic rush hours.

  1. How Thick Should Your Flooring Be?

One common question is how thick should kitchen mats and rugs be? Should your bar mats be thick enough to provide the most anti-fatigue comfort for employees? Or should mats be thin and light so as to allow for easy removal and nightly cleanings? There’s no simple answer to this question, but with a variety of products there is a right option for the answer—once you reach it. Talking to one of our product specialists can definitely help you make a decision!

  1. How Large or Small is the Area?

Are you looking for an individual cushioned kitchen mat to place at the cash register? Or maybe a number of non-slip bar mats that offer coverage over a longer area? Or possibly you want to cover a much larger space! With interlocking tiles, no area is too large to be adequately covered.

  1. What Kind of Footwear does Your Staff Use?

Although we can’t imagine wearing high heels to work behind a sandwich counter, you never know! Are you aware of what sort of footwear your staff uses during work hours? High heels would invalidate the use of a non-slip kitchen floor like foam or rubber mats that use drainage holes, for obvious reasons. Maybe fancier footwear is required if you’re working behind the counter at a jewelry store. In that case, there still are flooring options that can work for you.

Black color wave pattern Durable Commercial Rubber Door Mat in kitchen
Black in color Grease-Resistant Anti-Slip Mat with a 3/4" Thick Comfort Layer pressed by thumb
  1. Grease and Oil Spills?

Will your floors see oil and grease on a regular basis (i.e., in food service locations)? Not all kitchen mats and rugs can stand up against these substances! But there are specialized rubber kitchen flooring options, such as mats made with 100% Nitrile Rubber (a high quality grease-resistant material), that are perfectly suited for this environment.

  1. Are You Concerned with Potential Slips?

A Non-slip kitchen floor is very important in any commercial food-service setting. The potential for spills are everywhere, and regardless of vigilance, a few drops of water or oil on the floor could mean disaster. A cushioned kitchen mat tends to be designed with a raised surface that adds traction and that paired with rubbers natural resistance to water, produces a great anti-slip surface. The same options for behind the counter can also help protect your customers from potential slip hazards. Regardless of your caution, moisture will always travel indoors to create slippery and dangerous floors, especially during rainy or snowy weather.

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re putting together your shop counter and the environment around it. Flooring is one the most important! With so many kitchen mats and rugs available we know it may get a little confusing. If you have any questions about bar mats, or any other sort of rubber flooring, please let us know! Contact us Monday through Friday from 6 AM to 5 PM Pacific Standard Time, our number is 1.866.378.5679.

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