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A Kitchen Mat is the Perfect Choice for any Deli

If you’re in the deli business, either as an owner, a manager, employee, or supplier, then rubber flooring is perfect for your needs. There are many places that can benefit from the multipurpose functionality of rubber floor mats. For kitchen applications, rubber surfacing brings a number of essential advantages to the table—specifically the cutting table. If your deli offers freshly sliced meat and cheeses then the surer footing offered by a kitchen mat is an absolute necessity! Rubber kitchen floors offer added safety because they have a slip-resistant surface and exceptional grip. They’ll also prove to be a huge comfort to your employs since many of these surfacing options are in fact anti-fatigue kitchen mats. Rubber is also easy to clean, which will facilitate cleanup behind the counter! Offered in a variety of styles, like mats, rolls, and interlocking kitchen flooring, rubber will give your deli a fresh and professional appearance.

Commercial foodservice and hospitality mats are a great investment for any deli. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits that a rubber kitchen mat will bring to your business.

  • Anti-Fatigue

In this particular business employees are usually required to stand for the duration of their shift. That means that an individual can be on their feet for nearly eight hours (or more with overtime). According to, while standing is healthier for your back, “standing [also] uses about 20% more energy than sitting…” The strain of standing can be reduced through the elastic and supple surfacing offered by a rubber matting, runners, or interlocking kitchen flooring. Although this material is dense and strong, anti-fatigue kitchen mats have been designed to offer flexibility and to provide a certain amount of bounce under the weight of front counter employees.

  • Safety

The foodservice industry has a series of risks that are very unique to the business. Although falls can happen anywhere, a commercial kitchen and deli are prone to spills, and often house larger and more dangerous equipment. A way to add anti-slip surfacing and traction to potentially wet areas is with rubber floor mats. For kitchen or deli environments rubber is ideal due to its water-resistant qualities and naturally high coefficient of friction. A number of rubber mats are made with 100% nitrile rubber, a high quality grease-resistant material, which gives you added resistance to oil and grease. Along with slip-resistance, anti-fatigue kitchen mats will keep your employees comfortable, and that could result in heightened senses of vigilance against accidents.

  • Ease of Maintenance

Rubber kitchen floors are usually offered with specifically designed drainage holes. So while they offer security through surer footing, and traction, they also remove water from underfoot—a quality that will help in preventing falls. An added bonus to this design is the ease of maintenance. At the end of the day, as you’re closing up shop and cleaning your establishment by meticulously disinfecting surfaces and bulky appliances, one thing that won’t give you added stress is your rubber floor mats. For kitchen and deli settings, rubberized matting is easy to clean and won’t require special treatment. Durable enough to stand up against thorough scrubbing, a kitchen mat has excellent resistance to most cleaning agents and can be cleaned using any common commercial equipment.

Red in color Grease-Resistant Anti-Slip Mat with a 3/4" Thick Comfort Layer water spilled from bottle drained
Black dura chef with hole patterns on a kitchen
  • Ease of Installation

We understand that a deli is not an easy business to run—there are numerous vendors to keep track of, along with quality control, and the normal expenses of maintaining an establishment that sees a lot of wear and tear. Rubber kitchen floors are an inexpensive and durable solution for your surfacing needs. Available as singular anti-fatigue kitchen mats or as interlocking kitchen flooring, rubber surfacing can be extended and used in as little or big an area as you need. This means that you pay for how much you need, and if you under or overestimate your requirements, it’s relatively easy to add or remove from your rubber flooring. Unlike permanent flooring fixtures, installation is usually a breeze! It can be as easy as laying out a mat or snapping together some interlocking tiles.

If you have any questions about a particular kitchen mat, or any other kind of rubber flooring, let us help! Our product specialists are available to assist you every Monday through Friday, between 6 AM and 5 PM Pacific Standard Time. Call us now at (866) 378-5679!

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