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A Custom Floor Mat is a Great Solution for Floor Security and Protection!

When it comes to the floors of your business’ building, the most important aspects of it are—its protection and the safety its surface does or does not provided. More often than not, a business will lease a building rather than outright owning it. This means that the building will eventually be returned to the owner or leasing company, and that means that greater care must be taken to protect the integrity of the structure (this of course, is also true if you own the building). The surface of corridors, hallways, and walkways must also be kept secure, being that injuries that are attained upon them are a direct liability to the business itself. A rubberized custom floor mat can be employed to protect areas that show potential risks. For example, a non-slip runner can be used in areas that see moisture, while an outdoor rug runner can be employed along the exterior of a building. Rolled rubber flooring is a cost effective way to protect interior floors, provide traction, and reduce the possibility of slips.

If you’re still not sure how custom floor liners can help protect your sub-surfaces, while also reducing the risk of liability, then check out these 5 ways that rubber flooring can become an asset to your business.

  • Protection for Staff and Customers

Custom floor liners are a great way to provide traction and reduce the possibility of slips in busy corridors and hallways. With the availability of different lengths, rolled rubber flooring is also a great way to define a traffic path and to control the flow of foot-traffic in public locations. Due to rubbers naturally high coefficient of friction and the fact that these products will often come with a raised design upon their surface, elastomer runners and mats are a great way to help keep your staff and your customers firmly on their feet, especially during wet seasons. A Non-slip runner is especially designed to provide added protection in excessively wet environments, while an outdoor rug runner is a great way to ensure that debris doesn’t get trekked inside your building.

  • Protection for Sub-Surfaces

Whether your sub-surface is hardwood floor, which is susceptible to scratching—or concrete, which can be chipped or cracked, the use of a custom floor mat can protect the integrity of these floors. Protection of these structures is not only important because it will help you avoid costly repairs, but because it will also help your company maintain a professional and respectable appearance, which is absolutely vital to the success of any business.

  • Availability of Styles

Rolled rubber flooring is available in a wide range of styles. From carpeted options to texture rich designs—rubber makes a great runner material because it will naturally provide non-slip protection with added grip. Also, with a wide variety of colors and materials, you can either match existing décor or add an extra bit of color to otherwise dreary floors.

  • Ease of Maintenance

As was previously stated, outward appearance is a very important aspect of any business. If the location of a company is not kept clean and organized, then it’s not difficult to assume that that is the same way they are running their business—sloppily. Regardless of how well you do what you do—reputation is always going to be important. A custom floor mat can help you keep things neat and professional looking. Rubberized runners and mats are extremely easy to clean, especially due to the materials water-resistant qualities. Runners require very little maintenance, a good sweep of a broom is enough to brush debris off and if a more thorough cleaning is required a moist mop can be used. With an outdoor rug runner a vacuum is more than enough to keep the surface clean.

  • Ease of Installation

Installation of custom floor liners is extremely easy! Rolled rubber flooring is simply a matter of being rolled out and set down in the desired location. Of course if you want something more permanent, as might be the case with a non-slip runner, then double-sided adhesives are available. This will ensure that your flooring is secure to the sub-surface. Moreover, the ease of installation means that removal for cleaning or replacement will be very simple.

So as you can see, rubber flooring is really a great addition to any business environment! With all of the beneficial and necessary advantages that rubber surfacing can bring to the table—it will definitely prove itself to be a wonderful asset.

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