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Custom Fit Floor Mats—A Perfect and Convenient Fit

When it comes to flooring inside of corridors, hallways, or narrow aisles—you may think you have to gear up for a long and complicated processes. Honestly, no one wants to deal with the hassle cutting and sizing flooring material and nobody wants to end up paying an arm and a leg for a professional installation that may not even give you the results you were expecting. The use of rubber runner mats could save you whole lot of trouble because of how easy they are to use, how manageable the material is, and how simple the product is to install. A customized floor mat is a cost-effective way to save money and skip complicated installations all in one easy step. Custom fit floor mats are cut before they get shipped out to you and always according to your specifications, ensuring that when you get the products they’re ready to be installed. And don’t worry if you have a particularly narrow or wider hallway, rubberized runners can easily be laid side by side and a custom cut mat is the perfect answer to a short or exceedingly long corridor (up to 50 ft.).

These custom fit floor mats will save you time and help you save money by avoiding installation costs and also reducing waste—imagine only having to pay for what you plan to use! Here are 4 reasons why using custom rubber mats is a great option for anyone who needs to add protective flooring to any and all areas.

  • Safety Applications

If you’re already thinking about rubber runner mats for your corridors or hallways, then chances are you can appreciate the value of a slip resistant surface. However, did you know that mats and runners that are too long or too short for an area can also cause safety hazards? By providing only a short area of protection you could lull individuals into a false sense of security, which could lead to carelessness and injuries. And with a mat that is too long, the leftover material could cause individuals to trip or stumble, which could also result in injuries. The use of a custom cut mat is a perfect answer to this problem because it will ensure that the appropriate amount of space is covered.

  • Affordability

Many rubber products use recycled material, the source of which comes from discarded automobile tires. Not only does this make rubberized mats an ecologically friendly product, it also makes them very affordable. Because brand new resources did not have to be explored and processed, the production costs of these mats is more reasonable and those savings get passed down directly to consumers. Also, because utilizing a customized floor mat actually means that you’re asking for only what you need, you can also save costs by not having to spend on any material that you won’t utilize.

  • Durability

The use of recycled tires in the production of custom fit floor mats is a true testament to their strength and durability. If you consider the sort of abrasive conditions that automobile tires are designed to withstand—constant exposure to corrosive sunlight, excessive moisture, snow, and uneven or rough roads, then it really does make perfect sense why these mats are so resilient. And because this resilience a customized floor mat can be expected to last a very long time, even when its used in areas that experience high foot traffic and other harsh conditions.

  • Real Simple Install

Although rubber runner mats have a lot to offer, you definitely won’t have to worry about some overly complicated or difficult installation process. And because custom rubber mats are pre-cut to your specified dimensions, you are purchasing a product that will fit your area perfectly. When your custom cut mat arrives, it will be ready to be laid down! Simply trim the edges, if it’s necessary, with a sharp utility knife and add your desired adhesive (for a permanent or semi-permanent installation). Very little technical knowledge is required, and so this is a very easy DIY project to tackle. And by doing it yourself you won’t just be saving on expensive professional installation costs—but you’ll also ensure that the finished project is up to your specific expectations.

Black rubber mat with a brown bag on the ground
Black color Industrial Safety Floors 2 rolled and zoomed in circle to show diamond pattern placed on floor and person is standing

Custom fit floor mats are the perfect solution for any difficult surface that needs protection or needs to offer more protection. Regardless of the size of the space, using a customized floor mat can ensure that you cover all your bases with a durable and affordable product. But these mats aren’t just for corridors and hallways; you can pair these up and employ them just about anywhere! Whatever your specific needs may be, we’re certain we have a solution.

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