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Cow Mats Keep Stalls Clean and Comfortable

When it comes to good bovine care, cow stall matting is one of the most important elements to consider. Keeping your cattle comfortable and warm is extremely important! At Floor Mat Company, we offer durable cow stall mats that will keep cow stalls clean and comfortable without costing you time and money.

In addition to being comfortable, our rubber cow mats are made with a blend of natural and recycled rubber blend that offers a durability that is unique to our products. Instead of investing in cow bedding that is cheap and easily ruined, consider Floor Mat Company’s cost-effective cow stall mats!

Our cow mats are equipped with drainage channels to ensure that your cow mats last longer and to take most of the work out of cleaning. These drainage channels allow liquids, mud, muck, and waste products to drain beneath the mat surface. As a result, they’re incredibly easy to clean and maintain! By investing in our affordable cow mats, you’ll save almost as much time as the money you save on affordable rubber matting from

Black color Reclaimed Safety Rubber Mat Improves Traction and Resilience texture shot
Corrugated fine rib black color side angle shot

Cow bedding doesn’t have to cost a fortune to last a long time! If we can help with any of your matting needs, please send us an email at, or feel free to call us every Monday through Friday, between 6 AM to 5 PM Pacific Standard Time.

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