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Can You Use Kitchen and Bar Mats for Catering Applications?

If you’re in the catering business, or if you’ve ever even tried to throw some sort of big event in your home, office, or any other location, then you certainly know that putting together something of this scale can be extremely demanding and difficult. For this reason alone, many people will choose to hire caterers, because it gives them a few less things to worry about such as food preparation, presentation, and on some occasion even the serving tasks. But with the presence of food and drink comes a new set of flooring issues that should be answered for the sake of safety, efficiency, as well as aesthetic appeal.  You can easily use your cushion kitchen mats out of the cooking and food preparation space! A strategically placed rubber kitchen mat can offer support for catering staff that have to spend their shift on their feet serving food, allowing them to maintain a friendly disposition. But these anti-fatigue kitchen floor mats aren’t just good for the staff—they can even help your guests or clients. Long Bar mats can be repurposed as runners to keep guests secure from slips and falls in the event that food is dropped or liquids spilled. Best of all, these washable kitchen mats are easy to install, remove, and keep clean—making them perfect for the nature of the catering service, which will often require movement from venue to venue.

For any private or commercial catering event, a rubber kitchen mat, runner, or set of tiles, is going to make for a great investment. These mats are a great way to bring security, comfort, and ease of maintenance to your business or project. Check out these 4 ways that kitchen and bar mats can be repurposed and used in catering applications.

  • Safety

There is nothing more important than providing safety and security for all staff and guests at your events.  Having specialized flooring for available for your events is an important part of any event service or project since the quality and safety of the floors in the venue are usually an unknown factor. The same anti-fatigue kitchen floor mats that you use in food preparation areas can also be employed in any and all the areas where food is being served during your event, both for staff as well as guests. These rubberized mats are supple and elastic meaning that they will offer more support to heels, ankles, legs, and backs. The comfort of your staff can do wonders to improve efficiency and vigilance against accidents. And in the unfortunate event that a fall should happen, rubber is a far more forgiving surface to land upon than hardwood floor, tile, concrete, or linoleum. Rubber has a high coefficient of friction that is often paired with traction rich design, making it the perfect anti-slip surface, which will hopefully help to prevent such falls in the first place. Many of these washable kitchen mats also have a resistance to water that makes them not only easy to clean, but further adds to their slip resistant qualities, even in the presence of moisture.

  • Professional Appearance

Putting together a banquet can be a very large and arduous task. Even for smaller events, there are many details that need to be attended to—such as décor, food choices, and entertainment. Fortunately, the use of cushion kitchen mats offers a perfectly professional look while remaining highly functional.  Although the natural hardwood or tile that is offered in a venue may seem like a more aesthetically appealing choice—you should remember that these surfacing options are more susceptible to become hazards in the presence of spilt food and moisture. Also, any damage suffered by these surfaces, will more than likely require costly repairs or even replacements that you may end up finding yourself responsible for!

Kitchen and bar mats look highly professional—whether they’re runners, interlocking tiles, and of course mats (which come in varying sizes and styles). These mats are a great way to present a unified and professional appearance.

  • Ease of Clean up

Like the floors in a kitchen, the surfaces around your food serving stations are bound to see a few, if not more, spills, accidents, and dropped food items. It’s just part of the business! But with the use of washable kitchen mats for your catered events, cleanup will be fast and efficient. A rubber kitchen mat is easy to wash—it can even be taken outside and hosed down. Having flooring options that are easy to clean is going to be one less thing you’ll have to worry about in the chaos of a planned event.

Black color Perfect Rubber Drainage Mats for Kitchens or Bars
Black tiles with holes along the inside with someone holding it folding it back
  • Ease of Installation and Removal

In the world of event catering, one must be quick and efficient in not only the preparation and serving of food, but also in the movement from location to location. Cushion kitchen mats will not bog you down during removal, such as chairs, tables, and decorations might do. Most, if not all, of these matting options are light weight which makes them easy to transport. And like the process of removing these matting options, the installation couldn’t be any simpler. Kitchen and bar mats are easy to set up, whether they’re interlocking tiles, runners, or mats—installation can be as easy as snapping together, rolling out, or lying down (respectively) in the desired location.

Although it may seem strange to use anti-fatigue kitchen floor mats for event flooring, it really does make sense! The same matting that is used in kitchens and bars is perfect for the conditions that are found in food serving stations at events. A rubber kitchen mat, or two, or three, or more, is a great investment for any catering service—or even just for a one time project since they can be easily repurposed and used in other areas such as your home!

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