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Comfort Chef Mat— An All-Encompassing Flooring Option for Homes

Kitchens tend to be as different as the people who utilize them. Take a look at a home décor magazine—you’ll see everything from rustic-barn inspired looks to chic clean-cut modern designs. Overall, the sentiment seems to be that the kitchen is an important place that should be decorated in such a fashion as to adhere to our own personal aesthetics. Of course this can be said of any room within our home! However, nowhere is personal comfort as important (emotionally and physically) as it is in this area of a house because as that old saying goes, the kitchen is the heart of the home. A comfort chef mat can make cooking more enjoyable, which is extremely important when you’re trying to make healthy and yummy meals for your family! And while cushioned kitchen floor mats might not make chores any more enjoyable they’ll definitely make them less painful. There are a number of benefits provided by rubberized surfacing—large kitchen mats, for example, are a resilient and durable method of protecting expensive subfloors such as tile, natural stone, or hardwood. Also, don’t forget that safety is extremely important—non-slip flooring for kitchens can ensure the prevention of devastatingly serious or even fatal falls and injuries.

Bottom line is that when it comes to your kitchen’s floor there are certain concerns that should definitely be met. However, by dealing with the issue of comfort you could potentially provide a number of solutions for other possible risks and hazards, because such is the versatility of rubberized surfacing! So if you’re looking for non-slip flooring for kitchens, the supple and water resistant-surface of a comfort chef mat is a perfect choice! Here are 3 ways in which cushioned kitchen floor mats can bring a number of beneficial qualities to your home.

  • A Comfortable Surface

Anyone who spends any amount of time in the kitchen can tell you—standing up on that hard and cold surface can be tough! Cooking is a pretty vigorous activity—you have to collect, wash, peel, and chop—and that’s just the vegetables! On average, most meals will take about an hour from start to finish (though some could very well take all day!), and after a long day at work that can be hard on your feet. Utilizing a comfort chef mat will give you a supple and elastic surface that is perfectly suited to support your weight, helping you avoid strain on your feet, ankles, legs, and back.

  • Slip and Trip Accident Prevention

Rubber is perfect when it comes to comfort applications due to the elastic nature of the material. However, rubber also has an amazingly high coefficient of friction that is often paired with richly-textured surfaces, which has the end result of producing an excellent slip-resistant floor. Some mats are even made with the use of nitrile, a grease resistant compound that provides protection even in the presence of oil, grease, and other animal by-products.

  • Stay Aware and Vigilant

Hand in hand with comfort comes an ability to be more focused on your surroundings. Staying focused and aware of your environment is tremendously important when you’re working around hot pots and pans, dangerous equipment, and even open flames or extremely hot surfaces. Large kitchen mats can give you a wide area of comfort to stand on, which will ease the pressure of ankles, feet, and legs—helping to prevent exhaustion and absent mindedness.

  • Proven Durability

When it comes to our homes, and more importantly to safety applications within our homes, the last thing we want to use is low quality products. At the same time, we definitely want to smart consumers who are economically responsible. Often times, cushioned kitchen floor mats will employ the use of recycled material (the main source of which is discarded automobile tires). The use of tires ensures that this is a strong and resilient product—especially when you consider all the harsh environments that tires are designed to withstand—such as constant exposure to sunlight, excessive moisture, and snow. And because recycled materials are used the cost of production is greatly reduced, which results in savings that are passed down directly to consumers!

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  • Sanitary Applications

In order to avoid serious illness the place where we prepare and consume our foods should always be kept clean and tidy. Rubberized non-slip flooring for kitchens also provides a water resistant surface that will help to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. Large kitchen mats that are made out of rubber also offer a harsh environment that isn’t very friendly to bacteria. And lastly, a comfort chef mat is easy to clean up, so maintaining a sanitary environment won’t be difficult or tedious. These mats require little else than a broom to sweep away debris with and a damp mop (a mild detergent can also be used).

Rubberized cushioned kitchen floor mats are a great investment to make for your home. Where safety, comfort, sanitation, durability, and ease of maintenance are concerned—these mats will definitely stand and deliver!

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