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Rubber Mats for Kitchens—5 Safety Applications

Regardless of the location—whether it’s in your home or your place of work, if you cook then the kitchen is your domain. And while each and all locations have their own set of risks and hazards, no place is quite as full of them as the kitchen. Completely fascinated, I’ve watched people cook both in person as well as on popular cooking shows, and it’s I am always left dumbfound! There is just so much going on in a kitchen at any given time! Any cook will tell you that cooking is a science—literally! Food goes through chemical reactions and is changed into different things entirely. This is done with the use of heat and tools, some of which can be sharp, bulky, and just plain dangerous. Employing rubber mats for kitchens is a prudent decision if you’re concerned with safety. A kitchen floor mat will provide texture and grip to help you and staff keep surer footing when you’re moving around hot pots and pans. And the soft surface of an ergonomic kitchen mat will help keep your mind off of your aching joints and on your knife as your chopping, mincing, or julienning!

In a place that already carries so much potential for injury, the use of rubber kitchen mats is a good way to cut that risk in half! Check out these 5 safety applications offered by rubberized surfacing.

  • Slip Resistant

Rubber has a naturally high coefficient of friction and resistance to water that makes it the perfect material to use for anti-slip applications in excessively wet locations. In the chaotic environment of a kitchen, where spills are simply unavoidable, having rubber mats for kitchens will help keep people standing on their own two feet. Many of these rubber matting options are made specifically for kitchen use, so they come equipped with drainage holes that help channel moisture away—effectively removing it from underfoot where it could cause the most damage.

  • Grease Resistant

Water and broth aren’t the only perpetrator of slips hazards. Although many slips and falls happen in wet areas—grease can definitely be a culprit too! Grease can be present in frying stations, butcher shops, dishwasher areas, other food processing areas, and of course in your own home kitchen. Using a kitchen floor mat that is made from a 100% grease resistant nitrile will help to protect you from slip and fall accidents due to spilt grease or oil.

  • Fatigue Resistance

An ergonomic kitchen mat may seem like an unnecessary luxury. But in reality—standing on your feet is hard work. In fact, did you know that standing takes 20% more energy than sitting? Now imagine having to stand for 8 hour long shifts or even longer than that for overtime! While the supple and supportive surface of a thick mat will definitely provide the benefit of comfort—comfort itself is a huge factor in safety. If you and your employees aren’t thinking about aching legs and backs or throbbing joints, then you’re much more likely to be diligent with your work and vigilant against accidents. You definitely want to be alert when you’re working with open fires and sharp knives.

  • Traction and Grip

While the traction and grip offered by rubber kitchen mats will help in the prevention of slip and fall accidents due to moisture—they actually serve a purpose all on their own. Falls won’t always happen just because someone stepped on a puddle! People are susceptible to losing their balance, tripping, stumbling, or even being accidentally pushed. Many rubber mats for kitchens come with rich designs upon their surface that provides traction. This, paired with rubber’s naturally high friction, makes for a surface that will proactively cling to shoes and thereby help prevent falls due to stumbles and trips.

End of a mop/broom in front of a fine black rib mat
Black color Ultra-Durable and Economical Rubber Doormat man standing
  • Hygienic

When it comes to your kitchen you definitely don’t want to mess with cleanliness. Not only will keeping a tidy and clutter free work space prevent accidents—but it can also prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Rubber kitchen mats provide a hostile surface upon which bacteria, mildew, and mold have a difficult time growing. In an environment that sees a lot of moisture this can be particularly valuable. Mats, tiles, or runners can easily be cleaned. Your kitchen floor mat can be washed with almost any regular household cleanser. Or, you can simply lift mats off the floor and take them outside, there you can spray them down with degreaser and hose them off.

Regardless of the size or shape of your cooking and food preparation space, rubber mats for kitchens are available in a variety of styles and sizes making certain that they will be a great fit for your needs. If you’re at all concerned with safety, then an ergonomic kitchen mat is definitely the right investment for your home or business!

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