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Kitchen Rubber Mats—5 Restaurant Areas that Need Protection

From kitchens to wine cellars, the heart and blood of a restaurant is what happens behind closed doors. Even if you have all the trendiest décor or if you’re in the best location—at the end of the day what will really make your restaurant shine is if you provide good food and excellent service. Everything else, while important, is just secondary. Commercial kitchen rubber flooring can serve as a protective surface that will help to reduce the damage of valuable equipment, supplies (like wine bottles), and can even help protect employees. Dishwasher areas, bars, and wine cellars are ideal locations to place commercial kitchen mats. Commercial kitchens, wine cellars, and food-prep stations are all areas that are prone to spills, burns, and the dropping and breaking of dishes and other supplies, the use of kitchen rubber mats is a prudent choice that can help minimize damage and might even help prevent future accidents. And because no two restaurants are ever the same, unless you happen to own a franchise (in which case restaurants can appear very similar but won’t ever be exactly the same)—rubber surfacing can still be a viable option for you! Regardless of how wide a room is or how narrow a corridor may be, custom kitchen floor mats can be cut to fit your exact specifications. With mats, runners, and interlocking tiles all available and well suited for the abrasive environments found within kitchens, we’re certain you’ll be able to cover all your bases and surfaces!

Kitchen rubber mats are durable and highly functional—they are also aesthetically pleasing and appropriate for a professional environment. Here are 6 locations that could definitely benefit from commercial kitchen rubber flooring.

  1. Dishwashing Areas

No area within a restaurant will see quite as many spills as the dishwashing zone. But keeping dishware and eating utensils clean and hygienic is a very important adherence that any and all restaurants should strive to maintain. Thick commercial kitchen mats are a great way to avoid the loss of costly plate ware, since items are bound to be dropped whenever moisture and slippery soap are involved! Rubber’s elastic surface will provide support for dropped items and may even keep them from breaking. Also, because rubber is naturally resistant to water it provides an excellent slip resistant surface that will not harbor the growth of mold or mildew—an especially important trait when in the presence of excessive moisture.

  1. Food Prep Areas

With pots of boiling water and freshly chopped onion sizzling away in a pool of the virgin olive oil—danger lurks in every delicious corner! One wrong step, one accidental bump, or a stumble could result in disaster and serious injuries. The supple surface of custom kitchen floor mats won’t just protect equipment and cooking utensils should they be dropped. This supportive floor will also behave as an anti-fatigue surface that will help cooking and food-preparation staff stay alter and focused on the task at hand rather than on aching joints and bones.

Some of our kitchen rubber mats even come with a nitrile compound, which means they’re resistant to grease and water, making them perfect for use anywhere where animal fat, grease, and oil may be present.

  1. Corridors and Halls

Taking orders, delivering orders to the chefs, picking up orders once they have been plated, and dropping those orders off with their corresponding patrons can make a restaurant seem chaotic—and it often is. Protect your waiting staff by using commercial kitchen mats or runners, which are a great way to avoid costly and painful injuries that are detrimental to efficiency. Often, these rubberized flooring options come with richly textured surfaces, which make these great slip and trip resistant floors. Remember, not all falls will happen due to slips—sometimes people are accidently bumped or they may stumble, and nowhere is this more true than in narrow corridors or halls. The added grip and texture of these flooring options will help keep waiters on their feet as they pick up and deliver food.

  1. Bars

Another particularly wet area within a restaurant, the bar could also greatly benefit from the use of supple rubber flooring. Bartenders have to spend a good amount of time on their feet—often their whole shift. Keep them friendly and efficient with a flooring option that will be supportive of their weight as opposed to hard tile or concrete. And because any commercial kitchen mats come with drainage holes, you can ensure slip-resistant safety even in a location that sees quite a few spills.

Grey color PVC Drainage Mat placed on floor with bucket
Grease-Resistant Rubber Mat black color placed on bathroom surface
  1. Wine Cellars

If you’re restaurant happens to employ a wine cellar then you’re probably well acquainted with the cost and difficulty of properly storing wine. And you’ve probably had the unfortunate experience of having dropped one or two wine bottles—a costly slip of the fingers. The supple and rich surfacing of commercial kitchen rubber flooring may not ensure that a dropped bottles of wine can be saved—but it will definitely provide that expensive sauvignon with a fighting chance if it just so happens to be dropped! Compare this to concrete, tile, or hardwood flooring, which pretty much ensures that the bottle will break and the wine will be lost!

These are the first five locations that came to mind, but we’re certain there are many other places within a restaurant that could benefit from all the great qualities offered by kitchen rubber mats. This can be especially true if you own, manage, or work in a particularly unique structure, in which case rubberized protection is not something you’ll have to do without. Custom kitchen floor mats are a great solution to wide or tight spaces because they can be cut to specific size requirements. So whatever your particular needs may be, rest assured that rubber surfacing is a great option for you.

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