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Customized Mats— Aesthetic, Durable, and Affordable Event Flooring

It may be the wedding of a beloved friend, child, or other family member—or the celebration of nana’s 90th birthday! Whatever the event is, the last thing you want is someone getting hurt because they lost their footing while walking down a busy corridor, or because they slipped on a puddle. Whether you’re the owner of a large venue that sees multiple events every day or if you’re preparing your own home for a personal and cozy celebration, customized mats are a great way to protect original floors while providing added safety to guests. Rolled flooring will provide high foot traffic areas with better traction and grip, while ensuring that high heels and dropped objects don’t leave dents or scratches upon subfloors. Available in a variety of styles, from rubber rolls to individual mats, protective surfacing can help your event be a complete success! From soft, supple, and aesthetically pleasing entryway runners, to a strategically placed non-slip runner for catering and kitchen staff—rubber flooring is the perfect solution.

Check out these 7 reasons why you should consider using customized mats in your next event.

  • Add Slip-Resistance!

Regardless of the size of the venue, heavy foot traffic is always going to be a concern during an event. So whether people are walking back and forth in a hallway located in a beautiful five star hotel or if they’re standing around in your warm and cozy living room laughing and chatting, you definitely want to give them a secure surface to stand on. Due to rubbers high coefficient of friction, rolled flooring is going to provide much needed traction and grip, which will help your guests stay on their feet. This sort of surfacing will protect your guests, while providing a clean and level surface on which to mingle—even outside on a deck, or on the lawn. A non-slip runner in the kitchen or even in the buffet line (if you are serving a buffet style dinner) will help ensure that both staff and guests don’t lose their footing if they happen to step on something wet.

  • Cushioning in Case of Falls

Unfortunately you can’t always prevent a fall. Unlike the hard surfaces often found inside of a home, like hardwood, tile, or linoleum—rubber flooring will provide a more supple and elastic surface upon which to land. And this can make a huge difference between a bruised ego and a more serious injury!  Rubber is certainly softer than wood, concrete, laminate, or asphalt.

  • Keep Subfloors Protected

Apart from shielding you, a good rubber entryway runner will also protect your original flooring from possible damage.

If many people are expected to show up to your event, then you can expect a lot of shoes moving over your floor—and that means heels scratching across the surface of your hardwood, tile, or linoleum. Even carpet can suffer! People can accidently trek in mud, which will cost you quite a bit in cleaning expenses. Rubber rolls are designed to be tough so that they can stand up against the abrasive treatment of weight and falling objects.

  • Economically Sound

Let’s not forget about affordability! You may just need a few runners and mats, or you may need a whole lot more—especially if you run or own a large venue, whatever the case may be, customized mats don’t have to come at a customized-price! Many rubber products are made from reclaimed and repurposed rubber, commonly automobile tires. Not only does this make the product incredibly strong and durable, but it also makes this product very affordable and environmentally friendly.

  • Long-Lasting Durability

As previously stated, many rubber rolls as well as other products are made from recycled material, mainly reclaimed tires. This really speaks to the durability of this product, especially when you consider the sort of environments that tires are designed to withstand, such as corrosive sun, excessive moisture, and snow. So they can definitely stand up against heavy foot traffic.

Black color Rubber Runners Add Extra Traction and Scraping Action man standing
A dolly with red handles on top of a rubber mat
  • Availability of Style and Multi-Use

Venues can vary greatly from space to space—and although you could buy flooring for each specific location; it seems to make a lot more sense to have flooring that you can use over and over again in different locations. This is especially true if you’re using your entryway runners for a special event in your home! It’s an added benefit to be able to repurpose and reuse your rubber flooring for many different events and situations in the future. But if you do need something very specific, that’s not a problem. With a multitude of styles, colors, and even materials, we’re certain that you can find the perfect flooring option for your event.

  • Ease of Storage

No two events will ever be the same, so while you may require special rolled flooring for one—you may as easily not need it for another. This can be especially true of a non-slip runner, which may only be needed for catered events. But rubber runners offer a simple solution to this predicament! They can easily be rolled up, and stored away in more compact bundles. This is great for someone who doesn’t have much room to spare. But the ease with which these rolls can be installed and un-installed is really a very useful and timesaving quality.

  • Quick Installation!

As we touched on in the above point, rubber rolls are really very easy to install and un-install. If you’re looking for a more permanent finish, double sided adhesives are available that will help keep your entryway runners firmly in place. Customized mats are just as easy to set up, requiring little more effort than properly setting them down and allowing them to settle under their own weight.

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