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Rubberized Portable Floors—Secure Surfacing in any Setting!

From a school hallway to the high-profile corridors of executive offices—rubber roll flooring is a wise decision for anyone concerned about safety. A non-skid runner may be more readily visible near an industrial setting, but we think that rubberized flooring can be applied in a number of different locations for different reasons! For example, there are clear implications for using outdoor runners in school hallways that are exposed to the elements—they provide security and are tough enough to stand up to heavy foot traffic. But did you know that you could also use an elastomer runner to clearly denote a pathway inside? You can use rubber surfacing in hallways when the weather gets wet, to help keep people from taking nasty falls. And an individual customized floor mat can be used to cover a smaller area.

There are so many possibilities—but here are 7 places where we think portable floors would be absolutely essential.

  • Walkways in Schools

A thicker rubberized surface can provide much needed cushioning in a playground environment, especially in the event of a fall but what about the long and often winding path that leads children from their classroom to the blacktop? After rain, this can be a hazardous environment—especially for kids who like to run in the halls. Rubber roll flooring can easily be utilized to provide a more secure surface for children to walk on as they make their way to the playground, the cafeteria, or anywhere else in school.  And with a variety of styles and sizes, even playful options are available to ensure that this play area has a resonating sense of fun and imagination.

  • Hallways in Airports

Airports are always chaotic. People are rushing from here to there, trying hard not to miss a flight. Many people don’t even have time to wipe their feet before entering the building! Airport hallways tend to be heavily congested before and after flights, so bumps and trips are bound to happen. Even slips, if people drag in the bad weather on the soles of their feet. Rubber products naturally have a high coefficient of friction, which inhibits movement (sliding) and increases grip. Providing a non-skid runner with a traction rich-design upon its surface can help travelers stay on their feet.

  • Corridors Outside of Buildings

Outdoor pathways, like those found around buildings and leading to and from designated areas can benefit from the use of outdoor runners. Corridors tend to be busy, and this is especially true during events. For example, schools, which often play host to a number of events throughout the year that require the presence of students, their parents, and sometimes even more family members—like during graduations! Therefore, these busy pathways could definitely use portable floors to provide slip resistant surfacing to any and all foot traffic. But paths can also benefit from the added safety outside of special events, like during bad weather, when their surface can get slippery. Bad weather, however, isn’t the only cause of puddles! Consider broken sprinklers and non-broken sprinklers alike, which always seem to aim more towards the sidewalk than the actual bushes!

  • Cafeterias

The cafeteria is an area that is guaranteed to see spills, doesn’t matter if it’s in a school or in a corporate building! The only real difference is if the mess is going to be spilt milk or spilt coffee—whatever the case, liquids on your floor are a huge slip and fall hazard. A rubberized non-skid runner won’t just help people maintain their footing when the floor is wet, but it will facilitate clean up. Because rubber is water resistant, and more often than not, a solid product that is not permeable—spills won’t ever soak into the material. Debris can be swept off with a broom, and if more thorough cleaning is required, which we imagine will happen often, a wet mop or even a hose can be used!

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  • Libraries

A library may not require as much surface protection as a cafeteria—more often than not, it will have carpeted floors. But utilizing a well-placed customized floor mat can help ensure that the interior of the building stays clean. And if the building doesn’t have carpeted floors, having rubber roll flooring throughout can definitely help keep people on their feet, while maintaining a professional appearance.

  • During Outside Activities

If there is any sort of special event that is going to take you and participants outside then the use of portable floors is definitely something you should consider. Doesn’t matter if you’re on the lawn or on the blacktop of a playground—a customized floor matcan provide you with added security and comfort. And the best part is that once you’re done, the matting will be easy to remove and store until it is needed again.

  • Indoor Play Areas

When it comes to any play area, safety should always be your first concern. A good way to help prevent serious injuries due to slips and falls is to provide an adequate non-skid runner to any hard and potentially slippery area and not just those directly beneath the play equipment. Fortunately, outdoor runners are perfect for indoor as well as outdoor use, especially if you need to designate a path from the play area to the bathroom. With interior applications, space may be more limited, so having the different available sizes and styles is a huge advantage. Also, since rubber is relatively easy to cut, and many runners come in custom cut lengths already, we’re certain you can cover every nook and cranny!

These are just some of the places that we are certain could benefit from employing safe portable floors. But we’re certain there are many more locations, both inside and outside. Whatever the case, we’re sure that rubber flooring will fulfill even the toughest and trickiest of applications.

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