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Anti-Fatigue Matting for Bakeries—Comfort, Durability, and Protection

Bakeries are a pretty amazing place. We walk in and are immediately greeted by the mouth-watering smell of freshly baked goods. Our eyes are enticed by the colorful treats on display, and our ears pick up on the low hum of ovens and mixers on the other side of the room. Yes—a bakery is definitely a feast for the senses! But these wonderful and tasty delicacies don’t just happen. Most bakeries open way before the sun has risen, in preparation for morning rushes (I am thinking of delicious, fluffy doughnuts and hot bagels!) or to ensure that orders for special events are fulfilled. Whatever the case is, a baker and his or her assistants work very hard to make people happy. The use of rubberized anti-fatigue matting can reduce the stress and discomfort of spending long hours standing on hard surfaces such as tile or concrete, which in turn can help them better focus on the creation of beautiful and scrumptious goods. A tactically placed comfort mat at the foot of a register can help cashiers and serve’s focus on their job—being friendly and welcoming.

But rubber cushioned mats won’t just promote a healthier and more efficient work environment for staff; padded floor tiles can also protect expensive equipment from accidents and the original flooring of the building from chipping and scratches. Available as anti-fatigue runners, mats, and interlocking tiles, we’re certain there’s an option for every aesthetic, space, and functional need!

These are our top 5 reasons why we think anti-fatigue matting is perfectly suited for use within bakeries.


  • Comfort
    The pain and weariness resulting from standing in the same position for a long period of time can cause stress. Cushioned mats can reduce this discomfort and improve the wellbeing of employees. A worker who spends the day standing on hard floors may have a negative attitude as a direct result of aching feet, ankles, legs, and their back. This attitude could easily carry over to the way they treat customers and even other workers. Rubber is supple and elastic, so it’s perfectly suited for anti-fatigue applications. A comfort mat can make a flooring area more supportive for tired feet, helping to improve mood and moral, something that should carry over into customer care.
  • Protection of Equipment
    While the protection and comfort of employees is very important, so is the protection of expensive equipment. Rubberized padded floor tiles are a great way to protect costly equipment such as pan racks, mixers, bowls, and utensils. Regardless of how vigilant employees are, accidents—a dropped bowl here, a tipped rack therecan and will always happen. The same qualities that make rubber perfect for anti-fatigue runners, mats, and tiles (that fact that it is elastics and supple) are the same qualities that can help protect equipment that is accidently dropped or knocked over.
  • Protection of Sub-Flooring
    Within the same applications that make a comfort mat so good at protecting falling equipment and improving the well-being of staff, rubber flooring will also shield sub-surfacing. More often than not, a bakery will set up shop in a rented location so the protection of the original structure is fundamental in order to avoid costly repairs. Elastomer matting acts as a buffer between falling objects and the original floors. So not only will it help to protect expensive equipment—it will also guard the floors from possible scratches and chips that may have resulted from said dropped items.
Red tiles with blue on the side with a spilled water bottle with water on it
A person is standing on black color dura chef drainage mat
  • Availability of Styles
    Cushioned mats are available in a wide range of styles that encompass different sizes, colors, and even textures! From padded floor tiles to anti-fatigue runners, this is a material that lends itself to a range of styles that can make it easier to use. For example, a runner is best for longer and narrower areas, although they can be placed side by side, and they are available in custom cut lengths. Interlocking tiles can be utilized for wider and continuous areas, allowing for a bigger or smaller area to be covered.
  • Durability
    A comfort mat does not necessarily have to have the same short life-span as some of the foam mats out in the market. Anti-fatigue matting is very durable and can withstand heavy foot-traffic. Some mats are even grease-and-oil resistant, meaning they won’t suffer in the chaotic environment of a kitchen. Many rubber flooring products are made from reclaimed and recycled materials, the main sources of which are automobile tires. This is a true testament of the product’s resilience—especially when you consider the abrasive environments that tires are designed to endure


We love baked goods so we can definitely appreciate the amount of work and preparation that goes into the production of these tasty treats. Employing cushioned mats in your bakery is a great way to ensure that the icing continues getting laid on nice and thick—yum!

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