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How can a Restaurant Mat Promote Safety and Comfort Among Staff?

Owning, managing, or even just working in a restaurant has got to be one of the most stressful jobs available. A restaurant is a totally dynamic space where change happens fast and it happens often, which means that things like safety and comfort can easily get pushed onto the backburners in lieu things that are seemingly more important. For example there’s the financial aspect of the business, the food and menu planning, the managing of staff, and of course the seemingly endless array of competitors. But safety should never be ignored—especially not due to the amount of liability that an accident could carry with it, and comfort is so intricately tied to a number of other aspects that make a restaurant successful that it is nearly of equal importance as safety. Using a rubberized restaurant mat is a great way to provide your staff with a secure surface to stand as they work. Restaurant floor mats offer traction and resistance to water and grease, which is highly important in any area that sees even a minimal amount of spills. After all, just a few drops of water on a tile, hardwood, or linoleum floor are enough to make it a dangerous hazard. And if you thought that a chef’s mat had to stay in the kitchen you’ll be pleased to know that all of the security and anti-fatigue benefits of restaurant kitchen mats can also be brought out to plating areas, checkouts, and anywhere else where your staff may spend a lot of time standing.

Check out these two vital benefits offered by rubberized restaurant floor mats and all of the sub-sequential advantages that derive from them!

  • Safety Applications

A rubber restaurant mat is going to provide excellent grip due to its high coefficient of friction. Also, because many restaurant kitchen mats are made with complex designs upon their surface, you have the added benefit of traction.

  1. Slip Resistance—the combination of grip and friction makes an excellent slip resistant surface in the presence of water, grease, or oil. And if there is any place that is bound to see excessive moisture it’s definitely a commercial kitchen. With spills happening constantly as well as the trekking of outside debris and weather conditions on the bottom of shoes from guests as well as staff members, wet floors are definitely a concern. You could even employ a holed chef’s mat, which is designed to channel away moisture, effectively removing it from underfoot where it could cause the most damage.
  1. Added Grip—although moisture is a huge source of accidents there are other reasons why someone might take a fall. In a busy environment, like one found within a commercial kitchen, where waiters and waitresses are constantly coming in and out—bumps and stumbles are bound to happen. My father actually had to have back surgery when he was younger after he took a very nasty fall (he had a lumbar disc displaced). He was accidently pushed while working as a busboy and ended up flat on his back with a tower of dishes on top of him. The added grip of a rubber restaurant mat could definitely help someone keep steadier footing in such a situation.
  • Comfort

The second most important attribute of a chef’s mat is the natural elasticity of rubber. The supple and supportive nature of this product lends it to be an amazingly efficient fatigue resistant surface. This is imperative when it comes to the comfort of staff members who spend nearly the entirety of their shift standing on their feet. Making certain that your staff members are comfortable can have a wide array of benefits too, such as:

Red color Rubber Drainage Mat, A Great Slip-Resistant Surface man standing
Black Color Commercial Entrance Mat, Promotes Safety and Slip-Protection easy to clean
  1. Heightened Awareness—One of the most important steps towards safety in the workplace, apart from proper training and safety equipment, is to have staff members that are alert and aware of their surroundings. A thick rubber restaurant mat will help your staff refocus their attention from discomfort to vigilance against possible accidents.
  2. Heightened Efficiency—Most employees want to do a good job because they take pride in the quality of their work. Sometimes, discomfort prevents them from working to the best of their abilities. After all, having an aching leg or back can definitely affect the way you approach your labor. Restaurant kitchen mats are a great way to keep your cooking staff working diligently and safely, since they are the ones exposed to open flames, hot cooking utensils, and a variety of spills. And since food presentation is a very important aspect of the food-service business, you’ll want to keep your cooks focused on the task at hand rather than their aching joints.
  3. A Friendly Disposition—Friendliness and approachability is by far one of the most important qualities that your restaurant staff should possess. Take a look at any of the comments left behind on a site like Yelp! One of the main complaints that patrons tend to have about a restaurant has to do with the quality of the service they received—and it makes sense. Part of the reason people go to restaurants is not just because they don’t want to cook, but because they want to be served. Restaurant floor mats will provide much softer surface for your waiters to stand on while they pick up, wait for, or drop off plates—as opposed to tile, hardwood, or linoleum. A tiny tweak such as offering a chef’s mat to stand on can be all the difference between a genuine smile and a half-hearted cranky attitude.

Investing in a single restaurant mat is definitely a smart move! Placing restaurant kitchen mats in a variety of locations for all of your staff is an even better move. And with many matting options coming from recycled material, these are an economical and eco-friendly investment.

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