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Washer Dryer Floor Mat Buyer’s Guide

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1. How to Stop Washing Machines from Moving?

Reduce the Clothes in Overloaded Tubs.
Washing machine tubs are otherwise called drums or wash basket. The inner tub is called a “wash basket” in a top loaded washer and a drum in a front load washing machine. Washing machines actually have two tubs. The first is what all consumers see and load their clothes into. This inner drum has holes which allow the water that the clothes are washed in to go in and out of the tub. The inner tub contains the dirty clothes as well as the agitator so that the soapy water can both enter from and drain into the outer tub. The holes are on the sides of the interior wash tub so that the water mixed with detergent can be pulled out by centrifugal force while the tub spins. Centrifugal force is the outward force on a mass when it is rotated. In action, wet clothes moving in a circle travel away from the center which causes the water to spin out from the tub creating a drying mechanism. The wash basket or drum is the part of the washer that holds the clothes and rotates to wash them. The outer tub remains stationary and holds the wash basket or drum, catching the wash water so it can be drained out. The nature of washing, by the means of spinning, means a small amount of vibration and shaking is normal. Shaking and vibration is then expected and can be conspicuous during any spin cycle.

When the inner tub or the wash basket is filled too much, the washing machine is overloaded. When the clothes are wet, the weight of an overloaded tub can exceed the maximum weight tolerance for a washing machine. The washing machine can now be out of balance. It can bang, seem as though it is bouncing, going crazy and moving. This could be due to a lot of clothes, very absorbent type fabrics like towels, or sometimes even a large single bulky item like a blanket. These all can throw the washer off balance and cause extreme vibration which can cause knocking or noise and create a loud cycle. This can be averted by loading fewer clothes and when washing towels, reducing the number of towels per wash cycle. Helping the washing machine equalize the overall weight inside the wash basket can stop the shaking. Regardless, the machine will move some of the time. Therefore, protecting your floors and creating a subfloor that is not so slippery will help reduce the movement of the washing machine. Rubber mats are slip resistant and shock absorbent.

How Will a Rubber Mat for a Washer Help?

Rubber Will Protect Pricey Floors from Abrasion.
Rubber flooring will protect subfloors from abrasion in case a washer is out of balance and shaking violently. A rubber mat for a washing machine will serve to protect the floors from shaking regardless of the reasons. There are many reasons that washers and dryers shake and disturb the subfloor below. These can be as bad as violent shakes that cause the washer to wobble. When this happens, the flooring below the washer is exposed to any abrasion that is caused by the friction between the machine and the floors. There is no scenario where this is a good thing. If your floors are wood or ceramic, the damage could be costly. A mat for a washer and dryer is a very inexpensive investment that protects your equipment from the floors and vice-versa.

Rubber flooring’s most important role is floor protection. Rubber’s ability to absorb shock and rebound allows it to be a shielding layer between two oncoming hard parts.

Cheerful Son Helping Mother Doing Laundry
Goodyear Washing Machine Mat with Washing Machine on the Mat

Goodyear Rubber “Washer and Dryer Mat”

  • The Goodyear Rubber “Washer and Dryer Mat” dampens the noise washers and dryers generate
  • Prevents a machine’s movements from damaging subflooring
  • Water-resistant

Reduce Noise: The Goodyear Rubber “Washer and Dryer Mat” is made of vibration-dampening rubber materials that silence home-appliances while they operate. Not only can vibrations damage floors; they can also emit a constant hum that quickly becomes annoying and overwhelming. Rubber materials absorb these vibrations. A washer/dryer rubber mat offers a barrier between the subfloor and the appliances to prevent the machine’s movements from wreaking sonic havoc.

Protect Costly Floors: Washer and dryer floor mats save you money on costly floor repairs from damage caused by rattling washers and dryers. Over time, the unmitigated rumblings of these appliances can severely damage the flooring underneath. A vibration pad for washer-movements protects your floors from the vibrations emitted by washers and dryers, preventing the vibrations from eventually wearing down the floor. Our anti-vibration washer mats also enhance traction, keeping the appliances in place lest they scratch your subfloors.

Rubber mat for Washer and Dryer
Corner shot of Washer and Dryer Mat

2. How to Stop a Shaking Washing Machine?

Uneven Weight Distribution Inside the Wash Basket Could be a Reason.
If you are experiencing shaking occasionally, then this is usually caused by an uneven distribution of weight in the wash basket. This can happen if you have a couple of pillows or a comforter in the washer. Sometimes sheets can wrap, twist and wind around themselves to form a thick and heavy load. And when the washer cargo is heaved across the drum continually using centrifugal force, then the washing machine will shake violently and look like it is jumping. Some newer and more expensive washer models are designed to detect this and will stop spinning. When this happens, the consumer needs to rebalance the weight distribution inside the tub to allow the spin cycle to continue without wobbling and moving. User error is always a possibility. Washing machine shaking due to uneven weight distribution inside the drum can happen. A walking washer can then damage your floors. If you have wood floors, scratches and dents can be expensive to repair. A rubber washing machine mat is an inexpensive insurance policy against this type of probable damage.

You can and should move your clothes around in the middle of a spin cycle but this assumes that you are standing watching the washer. That is not realistic. Consumers are not expected to watch every load get washed. A rubber mat under your machine will do this for you. If your washer starts shaking during the spin cycle, the rubber mats will be protecting the floors until you are able to pause the washing machine. Washing machines often shake because the mass of clothes is distributed unevenly inside of them. Always make sure to spread out the clothes throughout your washer as you load it.

Use smaller heaps of clothes when filling the washer – This has pros and cons:

  • Cons:
    • One reason consumers fill the drum with tons of clothes is the saving on energy it presents.
    • Larger loads save a bit of time in getting the clothes washed.
    • Larger loads use less detergent.
  • Pros:
    • Smaller loads wash your dirty laundry a lot more effectively.
    • Smaller loads don’t put extra stress on the machine and reduce the possibility of shaking and walking washing machines.
    • Top-loading machines can typically handle more clothing. These machines have larger drums and usually a lot more capacity.
Shaking Washing Machine and Clothes Dryer Front View on Blue Background

How will a Washer and Dryer Protective Mat Help?

It will slow down the walk of a washing machine.
When it comes to shock absorbing and vibration dampening rubber is always at the top of any materials class.

A rubber mat’s ability to absorb (dampen) vibrational energy will ensure that it will slow down the progress of a walking washing machine. Industrial shock absorbers are widely used equipment to absorb, reduce and eliminate the vibration of machines. The shock absorber is a useful tool to avoid excessive variations in the operation of the equipment. They even things out a bit by reducing shock. A rubber mat for a washing machine is just the same. It will slow down the machine’s walk by absorbing most of the shock. Rubber mats for washers and dryers absorb the vibration that is unavoidable when the washer is spinning violently. Rubber mats are used to limit these vibrations.

Shark Tooth Heavy Duty Floor Mat with Dryer
Shark Tooth Heavy Duty Floor Mat with Dryer and Clothes
Shark Tooth Black Color Top & Bottom View

“Shark Tooth” Heavy-Duty Floor Mat

  • Made from 100% domestic recycled rubber
  • Recycled rubber reduces noise and vibration
  • Designed for indoor or outdoor applications
  • Simple Installation. No need for permanent adhesives
  • Recycled rubber reduces noise and vibration
  • A great mat for hard-impact areas (not recommended as full flooring!)

Heavy Duty Rubber: In even the roughest environments, the Shark Tooth rubber mat will act as a superb floor mat in terms of durability and general quality. You can expect these floor mats to reduce noise, impact, and damage to subfloors.

Recycled Mat: One of the great characteristics of recycled products is how environmentally friendly they are. Over 250 million tires are sent to the dump every year, this tire-derived product can “close the loop.”

All-Weather Floor Mat: Because of the recycled material these flooring mats are made of, as well as the strong endurance that rubber mats already display, Shark Tooth is a great choice no matter what weather you might be facing.

Thickness of Shark Tooth Heavy Duty Floor Mat
Shark Tooth Corner Shot
Washer on Black Rubber Mat and Other Washer Shaking Violently and Making Noise

3. Why is Your New Washing Machine Going Crazy?

This is a problem other than an overloaded tub.
A new washing machine that is hopping, wobbling and/or “walking” across the floor indicates a serious problem. New machines should not start out with noise and heavy vibration. This assumes that your machine was not properly installed. A machine that does not work properly on day one is not one that you want to have a strategy of “wait and see!”

Then below are some possible issues with a new washer:
•  Washer water is not draining.
• The control panel is not responding.
• The washer is vibrating, shaking and walking excessively.
• There are water leaks.
• The drum is not spinning.
• The drain pump is blocked.
• The leveling legs need to be leveled.
• Flooring under the washer is fragile and needs to be repaired.

How will an anti-vibration mat for a washer dryer help?

A washer dryer floor mat will absorb shock and vibration.
The combination of gummy and elastic properties gives rubber material its very unique properties. Because of these properties rubber is commonly used as shock and vibration absorber.

Let us define shock absorption. Shock absorption refers to a material’s ability to dissipate or absorb energy when it is subjected to a sudden impact or force. A rubber washer dryer floor mat will at some point of its lifecycle be exposed to a hard spinning and shaking cycle. Rubber is known for its elasticity, meaning it can be stretched and it can return to its original shape. This allows a mat under a washer and dryer to absorb the shaking of a bad spin cycle and possibly keep the machine from crawling. This is because rubber has the ability to give and distort its shape which allows it to absorb the energy of the shaking washing machine.

Shark Tooth II Heavy Duty Floor Mat Texture
Shark Tooth II Heavy Duty Floor Mat Corner
Shark Tooth II Heavy Duty Floor Mat Top and Bottom

“Shark Tooth II” Heavy-Duty Floor Mat

  • Manufactured from resilient SBR Rubber for optimal floor protection
  • Checker-plate surface pattern enhances the rubber’s natural slip resistance
  • Best used as protection for sections of flooring that see high impacts/shocks
  • Easily cleaned with common household cleaners, such as dish soap
  • A great option for both indoor and outdoor floor protection

Protective Flooring: The strong SBR rubber this rubber mat is made from allows it to absorb shocks and heavy impacts. With a hardness level of 60 Shore A Nominal, you can trust that this mat will keep your floors protected.

Aesthetically Pleasing: The top of the mat features a checker-plate design that is sleek without sacrificing functionality.

Sturdy Design: This ½ in. thick rubber mat is one of the heavier mats we sell. In most cases, the mat will actually stay flat on its own, making the need for adhesives mostly unnecessary for installation.

The Washer is Vibrating and Shaking

4. Why is My Washer Shaking Violently?

Leveling a washing machine will help reduce shaking and sound.
Leveling problems with washers or your residence’s subflooring can be a reason for clatter and unwarranted vibration. Stabilization of the washing machine is something that needs to be done at the outset and every so often. One easy way is to check the equilibrium of the machine by employing a “level” on the top of the machine. Modifying the leveling agents will help fix this problem. If the subfloors are not level, then a rubber mat can help reduce the unevenness on the surface below and absorb some of the cracks and fractures that may unlevel your machinery.

How will Anti-Vibration Mats for Washer and Dryer Machines Help?

They will level the ground surface when the leveling legs are not doing their job.
A thick rubber mat under a washing machine or any other equipment is used to even out the cracks, fissures and flaws that may be present on the subfloor. Rubber mats are an inexpensive way to make surfaces level. In most industrial warehouses rubber mats are a great tool to fill in spaces where floors are damaged. This allows operators to work and keep the team going until the damage to the floors can be repaired. In this scenario, a rubber mat for under washer and dryer equipment is not a permanent fix, but definitely a means to keep your laundry room operational until you choose to fix the floors. When your floor is at fault for an uneven washer, a rubber mat is an inexpensive and quick solution. When your floor is at fault rubber mats under a washer and dryer are a godsend!

Goodyear Rubber Washer and Dryer Mat with Washing Machine
Black rubber mat for Washing Machine Corner Shot
Black Rubber Mat for Washing Machine Bottom and Corner View

5. Why is My Washing Machine Shaking Violently on Spin Cycle?

Your machine might be on a slope.
Another way to figure out if your machine is uneven is by rocking the machine and see if it is on a slope. If you rock and move the machine slightly and it wobbles, or leans one way or the other at all, your machine is not level. A machine that is not stabilized will be louder, will walk, and will shake more violently. Since your dryer is next to your washer, check the dryer. If your dryer is not level, then it is your floors that are not even. If at all possible move the appliances elsewhere. Although usually this is not a possibility because the space for a washer and dryer is destined when the house is built. You can try finding another space or you can try to level the ground by using a rubber washer and dryer mat. Rubber mats that are thicker will reduce the imperfections of the floors below them.

By using a rubber mat you will hide the imperfections of floor cracks, flawed areas and damaged tiles. A rubber washing machine mat is a simple and easy way to hide floor imperfections and damaged areas. And it does not cost you an arm and a leg!

Washing Machine Shaking Violently

6. How to Fix a Washing Machine That’s Shaking or Vibrating

Even out the washer by balancing the feet.
If you are sure that your washer is uneven, and that the fault is with the feet, then you need to adjust the feet to balance these parts. Disconnect the machine from power and its plumbing (i.e., water), and with the help of a strong friend, move it out of its original location. Then make sure the subfloors are not damaged nor are they sloped. Your floors must be level. Then, slightly lift one side of the machine and ensure the foot pads are not wobbly or broken. You will need the help of a person who can either check the feet or help lift the machine. (Take care not to hurt yourselves here.) Rubber pads or feet are designed to absorb the vibration and are under the washing machine. Once you have checked, fixed or switched the rubber feet properly reinstall the washing machine. You will need to check the machine’s levelness by moving the washing machine back into place. Then use a “spirit level” to see if the machine is still even. A spirit level gets its title from the spirit mixture inside the tool. A “spirit level” is a tool used to indicate how parallel a surface is relative to the earth. Spirit levels can be purchased at your local hardware store or online starting at about $4 to $5. If the feet need fine-tuning undo the lock nuts on each foot using a wrench. Leave the leveling tool in place on top of the machine so that you can reference to see if your adjustments are working. When all is even tighten the lock nuts to secure it. If adjusting the feet does not do the trick, then the floors below are at fault and you will need another layer of a soft cushiony floor to adjust for the uneven surface below. Here is another case when a simple rubber mat will even out what the rubber feet cannot do.

How will a Washer and Dryer Mat help?

Rubber mat will serve as a sound deadener when the machine is not balanced.
A rubber mat will reduce the amount of noise a washing machine will produce due to vibration and walking. A rubber mat is an acoustic treatment of your floors. When a washer is banging when spinning, it will start to bounce a bit. This bouncing will cause noise if the floors allow it. For example, second floor washers, or ones that are placed on wood floors are going to be noisier. A rubber mat under a washer and dryer will absorb some of the shock and will be a layer of sound deadening treatment between the machine and the subfloors. Laundry room mats’ role as noise reducers have been ignored. This is only a concern when the homeowners hear the first sounds of a walking washer.

All About: Elephant Bark

Custom Cut Recycled Rubber Flooring

Runner Mats Elephant Bark Available in Many Colors Rolled Shot

“Elephant Bark” Rubberized Flooring

  • Made from eco-conscious 100% recycled rubber
  • Affordable Rubber Flooring: This floor is one of the most reasonably priced products for any garage, home gym, basement, dog kennel, or outdoor deck

Easy to Install: Elephant Bark is cut by our warehouse in custom lengths at half-foot increments, making it very easy to simply roll out at your room’s lengths. If you have any extra material, this can be easily cut with just a sharp utility knife and a straight edge to keep things level.

Custom Cut Rolls: These rolls are available in full 50ft rolls, pre-determined lengths, and even custom cut lengths. Call us with your required lengths.

Basement Floor Covering: Recycled flooring mats are a great choice in basements because, in the wet seasons, basements are likely to flood. This product is left unaffected when wet!

Fast Delivery: Whether you order online or talk to one of our knowledgeable, experienced product specialists, we will do our best to get you the quickest, least expensive shipping rate possible. Consult our flooring experts for our professional experience! 

7. How to Fix Washing Machine Shaking Violently?

Maybe the “transit bolts” on a washer have not been removed!
A shaking washing machine can also be caused by a fiasco at the time of the delivery. The installers/delivery team need to remove the transit bolts when the machine is delivered and is installed. Transit bolts are installed in the factory as a protective measure to keep the washing machine drum in place. If the installers or delivery people neglect to disconnect these when the new equipment is delivered, then there will be problems. This can cause damage to your washing machine and create a lot of noise, vibration, wobbling and shaking. So if your new washer is shaking violently, one possible culprit is the shipping bolts.

So, look for shipping bolts on the back and bottom of a new washing machine as a possible solution to a violently shaking washer. On new washers, open your front-loading washer and try to move the bottom of it. If the drum does not move the team delivering your machinery left the shipping or transit bolts on the machine. With the help of a strong friend or family member turn your washing machine on to its side and look for the shipping bolts.

Close Up Shot of Maxx Tuff Heavy Duty Mats
Close Up Texture of Maxx Tuff Heavy Duty Mats
Two Maxx Tuff Tiles Up Close with Rectangular Texture Pattern

“Maxx-Tuff” Heavy-Duty Mats

  • Slip resistant honeycomb surface pattern.
  • Always in stock and ships in 24 hours.
  • Reduces noise and vibration from equipment.
  • Solid rubber offers maximum surface protection.
  • Heavy Mat! No need for permanent adhesives.
  • A great mat for hard impact areas (not recommended as full flooring!)

Heavy Duty Mat: This is one our most durable rubber tiles! Just by looking at this floor mat, it is immediately obvious how durable and sturdy this product it. It is aptly named!

Protective Mat: This mat is a great choice whenever protecting your floors from heavy equipment or possible impact.

Modern, Pleasing Design: This modern, sleek, low profile and non-directional look makes the Maxx-Tuff more than just a highly functional material. It gives a professional clean look too!

Washing Machine with Detergent Issues

8. Why is My Washer Shaking Violently?
There are other possible problems that can cause a washing machine to be noisy or to go crazy!

Drum bearings are flawed or damaged. If the bearings are worn or possibly flawed, this can cause an unevenness in the washers that will cause shaking. The main sign of damaged bearings is if your washer drum is making a horrible noise while turning. Test this yourself by spinning the tub manually and see if the noise is there. For most consumers this repair will have to be done by a professional.

A loose drum could be the cause of shaking. If your washer is vibrating and is wobbling, it could indicate that the washer basket is loose. To fix this, figure out where the bolts are and tighten them. If a new washer basket is required, then employ the services of a professional.

The filter in your washer is blocked or clogged. If the filter in your washing machine is clogged, old and needs to be changed this could be a cause of your washing machine vibrating and walking. Remove the filter and clean it based on your owner’s manual’s instructions and clean out the built-up rubble.

Detergent issues can also cause a washer to behave badly. Believe it or not, using too much detergent is a common operator error. Detergent build-up can clog hoses, valves and other components of a washing machine. , And using too much detergent can cause an unevenness in the water levels that will create an imbalance in the machine. Another common error is using the wrong detergent or putting the detergent in the wrong compartment.

How will a rubber floor mat for washer and dryer help?

Rubber mats will keep moisture on the mat and not floors below.
This is a problem when a machine is leaking. When washing machines move, sometimes they leak. Hoses may get uninstalled, the door may come loose, and moisture can land on your floors. There are other instances in which your laundry area floors can get wet. When there are clogs in or damage to the fill or drain hose, there may be leaks. In addition, your washing machine may start leaking if overloaded and water lands on the base of the machine and even on your floor. Overloading a washing machine can sometimes cause leaks as well. The overuse of detergent is probably the most common type of leak onto the subfloors. A washer and dryer protective mat will help reduce the damage to your floors. A rubber mat for under washer and dryer machines can be less than $50 or $100 and is well worth its value in gold when a spill occurs.

Dad, Mom And Children Sit Next to Washing Machine and Happy
Washing Machine on Top the Black Washer and Dryer Rubber Mat
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